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Hummingbird Search Algorithm – What do we expect from this update? End of Boolean systems?

Since September 4th of this year, we had been keeping our fingers crossed with hope to get something new and innovative from Google. When our countdown ends on September 27th, we found an interesting doodle on Google Home Page and disclosure of an all new search formula – the Hummingbird. I played doodle, enjoyed it, and

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Google is Still God – How far does this make sense to SEO people even after Humming Bird?

Larry Page advised: "If your company engages in PPC marketing, you can still access a treasure trove of valuable search query data by linking your company’s AdWords account with your Google Analytics account and use that data for future keyword research projects." It’s historic since SES Boston in February, 2003. That Google is phenomenal and

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Creating basic WordPress CMS

From plugins and widgets to file manager tricks, you will come to know here how to use WordPress. WordPress occupies more than five percent of the top ten thousands sites on the web. It has occupancy for about sixty percent of the content management system or CMS market. The process of searching out a host

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How should you start a pay-per-click or PPC advertising campaign?

If Pay-per-Click advertising campaign is on your mind nowadays and it is still in your planning stage, let’s start with selecting right set of keywords. Making a list of right keywords should be the first step and an important part. Begin it with noting down the words and phrases potential customers might usually tend to

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How far does social media platform leverage online marketing?

Which platforms would you start using to put across your business message effectively? The first name which will obviously come to your mind is social media and microblogging platforms. Since the beginning of the last decade, social media has been taking a driving role to mobilize views and build opinions. Businesspersons noticed its power of

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Managing Web Content Management System (CMS)

Tired of updating code on web pages every time the content needs to be updated? Probably, it is now time for you to mull over content management system. Handful of companies build their own content management system (CMS) from the scratch, for there are a number of products available on the market. So, it is

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Duplicate Content are no longer punishable!

With Matt Cutts’ comment on duplicate content issue gone viral , a gung ho tribe of webmasters spilt over with joy. Now onward, there will be no apprehension about sanction for showing duplicate content on their webpages, sans spammy content. The head of Google Web Spam said that unless the content is keyword stuffed and

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What value is there in using rel=”nofollow” Links

I guess not all webmasters would approve of Google diktat about promoting rel=”nofollow”, when actually Nofollow links tell search engines “not to follow links on this page” or “not to follow a specific link on a specific page”. If it is so, why then will webmasters not turn their back to this ruling? Nofollow attribute,

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Does your set of chosen keywords increase conversion rate?

Optimizing a site with a set of toothless keywords is like writing content in vacuum. Both of them play as a spoilsport in the process of website optimization and increasing conversion rate through CTRs on SERPs. Getting a site ranked on the top page of Google through toothless keywords reflects no impact on the conversion

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Image Optimization: What way optimizing images of a site can promote it online?

It is being learnt that Google will be rolling out about 600 algorithms each year. Many of their updates will not instantly or at any later stage be shared with us. As a matter of fact, business to deal with Google is getting to be tougher. But, as it is absolutely Google’s domain, you may

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Image Optimization: Right way to do it for website promotion

As we were discussing about how to do image optimization in its preceding part, we missed to talk about 5-more image optimization ways. Here are the ways to promote images of a site, especially those of an ecommerce site.   You may ask why we are referring this technique to be special for ecommerce websites.

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Email Marketing: How does it leverage and reap success at online business through CAN-SPAM Compliance?

Do you think business gains are achievable through email marketing? Did you ever use it for your online business? If you are a seasoned businessperson, you must have used it. What most of people like you forget to follow knowingly or unknowingly despite having so many years of experience in internet marketing is complying with

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Image Optimization accelerates online stores sail easily through their competitors. What are the best ways to do image optimization?

Online stores zoom against their competitors when their images are promoted properly. From my own experience, I can share, my own image was showing up at the head of Google image search page after a few months later I started tweeting and participating in Google+ activities. Image optimization is an art, which you have to

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