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OAO is Going to Replace SEO

That something was not good about Google’s intentions towards SEO became clear with rollouts of Panda and Penguin in their closest footing. The bell for pulling out the rope of gallows seems to have finally been rung! From the end of a cul-de-sac comes a glimmer of hope, with OAO beaming out! Online Audience Optimization

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Successful evolution of HTML5 through dozens of failures and cabal of competitors

Did you know why HTML5 has gotten so much of popularity? It is because of its singular promise- Code once, it works everywhere. And, it did deliver. Really? Let’s dig more. With the non-smarmy promise, the mark-up language started rising and riding everywhere your vision can reach. It was during the times of 2011 and

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Retweeting rate has increased due to inline image: An insight

Being into the age of “Data Not Provided” as Google stopped showing scores on its analytics platforms, tweet-savvy people have many reasons to rejoice. Twitter has opened a floodgate of advantages for its users who can publicize their fields. It has added inline images to tweets.   The advantage of it is you don’t have

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How to build a kicka** Google Plus Business Page?

With authorship markup being made mandatory, that future market will be predominantly governed by the Google Plus is almost a sure forethought. More and more number of webmasters will rush to build their Google Plus page in the run up to the time when Google invalidates their presence on its search results pages. This is

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Matt Cutts Eliminates Fears of SEO Disadvantage to Using Responsive Design

Head of Google Web Spam, Matt Cutts, made it clear here in this video that responsive design poses no threat to SEO efforts. When it comes to linking and PageRank, responsive design will create no block and duplication of efforts. Impacts on them will be equally same as achievable from having separate mobile URLs. Do

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Are Impacts of Penguin 2.0 Inflicting you? Use Free Tools to Recover from them

Penguin 2.0 (aka Penguin 4.0) update has thrown down lots of websites to the recessed region of search engine results pages of Google so furiously that unless complying with its instructions honestly there is no chance for them to mend their wounds in at least near future! To control the damage meted out to the

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Fundamental Affiliate Marketing Tips for Growing Online Businesses

Affiliate marketing dates back to the 1990s. It is one of the oldest kinds of digital marketing, and a way for organizations to multiply and spread their online presence by engaging with third-party websites. Those sites should also be running online marketing activities so that engagement can yield results by driving traffic to your website.

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How to recover from assaults of Hummingbird update along with Penguin 2.1?

Did you really rightly check out yet if Hummingbird update has really assaulted your site’s progress? Truth be told, Hummingbird hardly poses to do so. This awesome twittering bird is here to help your rather! As Google search is going fast to be more and more conversational and search queries are being heard to be

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