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Know about Click Through Rate (CTR)

What does it mean? If you have a website, you are always trying to increase the visitors and clicks on your site. You may have launched several advertisement campaigns. CTR is the estimate of measuring the success of an online advertisement campaign. Either you have used Google ad words or other channel, it is far

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Optimize your Content Using Google Analytics Behavior Report

Have you ever heard of such term behavior report? If the answer is negative, you have to know this as early as possible as this is the tool where you can get the marks-sheet of your site. Through Google analytics you will be able to discover the contents that are working best and the conversion

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The Strategies PR and the Chase of SEO

The field of marketing is quite dynamic as well as the trends. The trends that have proved profitable only sustain in the market. Besides that those should be easily adaptable. There is no doubt that SEO is always chasing Public relations by implementing press releases. The content marketing has proved the same as all the

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The Reasons that Renowned SEO Firms Do Not Boast About Guaranteed Ranking

A business owner may be wondered about the matter that the SEO firm is not assuring him for a guaranteed search engine ranking. Logically a business owner may argue with the matter that he/she is spending money, but there is no assurance of the same. Here, I am going to discuss the practical scenario that

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More Fruitful SEO Tips for Restaurant Business

Restaurant business has found the dimension as working people are now quite familiar with the outside food. Not for the working people the teens always prefer to spend their leisure in a better garden restaurant with friends. The profit has attracted more business owners to attract into the field and here the competition begins. If

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Google’s New Addition to Place the Local Businesses Online

The new addition is named as “let’s put our cities on the map” and it will place all the local businesses in around 30,000 cities online. The agenda was taken because according to a stat a bulk number of people want to business with such companies who have a compact listing. It is very evident

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Know How to Make an Extraordinary “Contact Us’’ Page

A contact page is the beginning of a relationship and that is the reason that it should be framed in a better way. On most of the sites we can observe that this page has been viewed the most. The reason is the architectural design and placement. Still most of the web site owners are

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More Strategies to Safe-Guard Your Site From Negative SEO

The term Negative SEO is not a new one in the field of SEO, but from the initial period spammers are practicing the same. If a site is unable to reach at the top, than it will be easy to bring down others i.e. competitor sites, to be at the top of the ranking. Google

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Know the Money Making Strategies of Google and the Most Expensive Keywords

PPC Keywords are most Expensive: - You will be surprised to know that around 97% of total money comes from online pay per click advertising. That is the reason why this effort has been made. Actually I wanted to find out the most expensive keywords and here is the detail. These keywords are the basic

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Google Ad Words Quality Score Building

It is a very common fact that there is a quality score available for individual keywords in the Google keywords account. Actually this is the visibility score of visible keyword level. There is more to investigate the basic features and aspects how to gain an appreciable quality score. There are different types of Google quality

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Some Effectual Activities to Bring more Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

A real estate website is totally dependent upon its popularity to a wider range of visitors. The more traffic it can attract, there will be more business. So, to compete the scenario in the world of web you need some effective strategies that should work quickly. I have structured this article for those real estate

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More SEO Guide for Designers in 2015

When I have carried out a conversation, I was quite stunt that most of the people cannot understand the relation between SEO and designers. Even some of them do not convey the essentiality of SEO. That is the reason I have prepared this SEO guide for designers with a hope that it should bring some

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How much Referral Traffic do you have?

All the basic efforts behind a website are for more and more traffic. There are number of ways to increase clicks on your site like Social media, PPC campaigns or referral traffic. Here is the discussion about the last one. This is the source where without any investment you can earn a better ROI. The

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Yahoo Losses Market Share after Returning of Some Firefox Users to Google

According to the report of comScore Yahoo has lost its gain that has been acquired since November 2014 as some of the users have returned to Google from Firefox default search. There are certain operations made by Goggle for the past few months to catch the users’ attention from Firefox. The aggressiveness of Google has

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Know about PPC Budget Strategy 101

In this competitive era an effective PPE strategy is more valuable to attract more business. It needs exceptional tricks and expertise to overcome your competitors and stand on a proper place. Here, I have structured some strategies which may help you start a better PPC campaign. Driving more Business: - If you have launched your

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How to Choose a Web Designer?

Whenever you are going to choose a web designer, there are lot things you have to know how to distinguish between an experienced and novice web designers. Here, I have structured only five topics that will make you realize which web designer is suitable to you. You must have a look:- Know About User’s Satisfaction:

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Know About Website Analysis/SEO Tools

You must have operated a lot of practices to make your site more effective that should bring more business and exposure. But, how you will know the optimization work is properly working or not. Here is the need of website analysis or SEO tools that help you find the status of your site as well

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Know more Tricky Strategies of Meta Descriptions

There is a still changing mood of search engines to determine a site’s health and status, but instead of all these Meta words or description still matters. It is a mandatory factor that there must be well structured Meta words to gain a better ranking on SERPs or search engine result page, but most of

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It’s Not the Matter of SEO Only

It was the matter of few days earlier that we used to launch better Meta keywords and descriptions to make a better look of our site that Google could easily point out that, but the picture has been changed. Now these practices of SEO are not quite enough to have a better impression of the

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How Google+ Shake Search Results?

Along with all the up-dated features of Google like Panda and penguin, Google+ has proved a strong impact on search results. The exciting feature is that it focuses on non personalized results. More the connection has been constructed in several ways for impacting search results. Just have a look. Matter of Personalization: - The fact

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Few Activities to Increase E-commerce Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is the comparison between the visitors of a site and the number paying customers. It is basically evaluated by online advertisers and marketers to calculate the traffic status on their e-commerce sites. It is more important to understand the business status and what measures one should take to increase traffic for more

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The All New Shopping Search Engine of Facebook-TheFind

A new e-commerce company, TheFind has been included with Facebook for a better experience of shopping cart. The exciting matter is that this new addition has an indexation of around 500 million products along with 500,000 stores. The specialty of TheFind is that it has the capacity to specify the most popular products along with

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The DO’s and DONT’s in the SEO Process

The ultimate goal of SEO is to bring more traffic and a better ranking. As the competition in the world of web is increasing in an emerging way the process has become tougher and time spending, but there is no alternative way. So, you have to be more accurate and advanced with tricks. I have

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Inbound Marketing Tips for Real Estate SEO

Whether it is an agent site or a large real estate firm, a strong marketing strategy is highly indispensable for more traffic and business. In this competitive era, it is truly hard to attract traffic only on the base of SEO tactics. There is a need of expertise and exceptional marketing tactics. What are those?

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Effective Guide of Marketers to Reddit

There is a famous slogan for Reddit that it is the front page of internet. According to most of the experts this is place of writers. Along with this, like all other social networking sites Reddit has also interesting news, social status and some high quality content. There is definite strategy of Reddit to specify

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Know How to Share Google Adwords, Webmaster Tools, Analytics, Google Plus Page Admin Access to Other Users

Google Ad Words Sharing:- At the present status, you should have to share your ad words account with other people having Google account without individual ad words or my client centre account. In this concern, it is very important to know how to remove access to your Ad words sharing. Look at the following:- •

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Webmaster Tools Up-Dated Feature to Unblock Resources

Basically Googlebot needs a lot of resources like image files, Java script and CSS to render pages for search. Webmaster also uses such resources to make them active and better operative. So, what Googlebot will do, if these resources are blocked? That is reason that this new feature has been added to webmaster that you

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Spam Free Steps to use Linked-In Groups for Content Marketing

Whenever you are sharing something on Linked-In groups, you are not sharing only the blog post, but you are using the group email list to share it with the full audience. It sounds like a free marketing chance to a wider number of people. There are some more benefits to use Linked-In groups for your

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Leading E-commerce Platforms to Choose

If you are about to launch an e-commerce store you must be confused with the numerous e-commerce platforms. At present, it is very difficult to point out which platform will be the best to fulfill your needs. I have reviewed the leading e-commerce sites and have placed the discussion. It may throw some light on

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Which One is Yours- Shopify or Volusion

The most popular shopping carts, at present are Volusion and Shopify. Whereas Volusion has around 40,000 list references along with customers list, Shopify has more than 70,000 customers and counting. These are the e-commerce solution that help you maintain create and maintain an online store. Shopify includes some famous businesses like Amnesty international and Github.

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Which is more Essential: – On Page SEO or Off Page SEO

Most of the people are still confused to distinguish between On page SEO and Off page SEO. Many questions I have faced and I started researching these two factors. I think that the discussion will help throw light on the debate. To build a successful site or brand, both are very important. To be at

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Google’s Entry into Auto Insurance Field

As automobile sector has become one of the leading generators of the economy, a lot of reforms are happening. Google’s entry into the field is one of such. Google will start comparing Auto insurance. At the initial stage, the operation is going to start from California and there will be 14 insurer listings along with

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How Infographics Matter for Generating Links and Social Traffic?

You may have practiced regular blog updates or other methods to generate links and more traffic to your site. Have you ever launched an infographic on the social sites? Basically an infographic is equal to thousands of blog-post regarding outcome. A well-defined as well as designed infographic forces a user to think emotionally. That is

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More Efficient Tips for Optimization of Travel Agency Websites

Travel agencies are helping us not for today, but since then people started to get assistance for travelling from such firms. So, now it is very common with the advancement of technology that the travel agency websites also need to be optimized for higher competition in the world of web. But how, if you have

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More Tips for Law Firm Optimization in 2015

Each and every business is trying to represent a better online approach for more visitors and business. So, why a law firm is not. Most of the attorneys may not know the term of SEO, where as the clients are expecting online support and assistance of the law firms online. So, this is the time

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What will you Chose between HTML and WordPress for Building your Website?

Whenever you are going structure a site, there are a lot of matters to be considered. There was a time when HTML coding is the base of a website. Later, the introduction of advanced platforms has changed the theory. There is no doubt that both HTML and WordPress have advantages as well as disadvantages. You

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How to Figure Out Back Link Data from Google Webmaster Tools

You can gather back link data from the free tool of Google and that is webmaster tool. I have structured the easiest way with snaps to make you clear the process. Just have a look. At first you have to load out GWMT and then log in with your Google account. Next you have to

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Effective Pinning Strategy on Pinterest

Pinterest has been considered most preferred social networking platform for the marketers. Tailwind CEO, Daniel Maloney has well defined the three leading social sites like Twitter as what someone is doing, Facebook as who someone is and Pinterest as what someone like to be. So, the pining is what you want to be in near

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Distinguish between Static and Dynamic Website

At present in the world of web site approach is far important as the first impression of a business or product is made by a website. There are two kinds of sites on the basis of inner structure. One is static and another is dynamic. In this post I have discussed the slight differences between

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Know About Google’s Manual Action and Penalties

Google Webmaster Tools inbox is like post box where alert messages are sent by Google for the site owner. If you have ever got such alert you must know about the same. Here is a brief overview of the matter that will help you understand better. There are two sections in the box: The first

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Key Measures to Improve Your Website’s Loading Speed

Website’s loading speed has got better importance since Google has announced that site speed will be a major determinant in case of ranking. Beyond of all the other ranking factors it is getting more stress because it carries the user satisfaction. If a user finds more wastage of time while loading a site, he/she must

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Real Estate SEO Guide for More Leads in 2015

According to a recent stat almost 85% of home-buyers prefer to transact online. Finding realtors have become easier online and the accurate descriptions of the properties along with snaps and videos made the buyer possible to take decision at a glance. More interestingly there is an increase of 253% online search in the field of

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Online Marketing Tips for Tutoring Business

If you are at the initial stage of tutoring business, you have not thought of wider investment. In the world of web there are many strategies that can be followed and implemented for a better outcome. I have structured this compact format, which will enable you make a better visibility with low cost and effort.

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Killer Marketing Tips for Retailers in 2015

According to a buyer’s psychology, 70% of a sale is made before reaching your shop. It is the attraction of the customer that is revealed with your e-commerce presentation. So, make a worthy approach to assure the deal just with the impression of your e commerce site. Here I have prepared the compact strategies which

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Real Estate Marketing Ideas on Social Sites

Real estate has been considered one of the most emerging businesses at present. The demand of the field has made it possible to secure the top places among other business. So, for the same status the marketing strategies and techniques have also experienced a lot of diversions. Among the various medium of online channels, social

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Does Yelp Really Matter More for Ranking and Visibility?

In July 2014, after the launching of Pigeon, Yelp reviews have got additional stresses on search engine result pages. Basically, Yelp reviews have a better impact on local users and help to make a better impression of product or service. Though Yelp reviews are not placed always on top of the search results, the number

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Another Ranking Factor in Google Search Algorithm – Mobile Suitability and Apps Indexing

Now, it is very important to check your site’s mobile friendliness as the factor has been included in the search algorithm for ranking. According to Google’s latest announcement there will be two remarkable changes in the ranking factor. The first one is Mobile friendliness for better ranking in mobile search and indexation of mobile apps

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