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Impact of Mobilegeddon in USA- the Gainers and Losers

Google mobile algorithm update namely Mobilegeddon is on the full force working mood and the impact is quite remarkable in the USA. It has been rolled out not much earlier and this is the preliminary report of the gainers and losers. This stat may help us determine the future scenario of this trendy featured update.

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Google Knowledge Graph/ Knowledge Vault and How Its Impact on SERP

People remind Google when there is a query and for the same responsibility, Google is always conscious to provide the users more specific information so that the users are not to haunt for another search. Google knowledge graph has been implemented for the same purpose and now Google itself is enough to respond for a

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Google “Mobilegeddon” has been Officially Launched

Mobile friendliness has got more stress after the arrival of “mobilegeddon”. There was another announcement of the algorithm update was made in earlier February and quite dramatically the operations have been started fast. It is not the new one and this ranking factor has been launched earlier. This is only another update. According to Google

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What Should a Site Owner do After Getting Mobile Suitability Error Alert from Webmaster Tool?

Google is always engaged to provide more specific information to the search users. As the scenario of search has been totally changed and the search result has started displaying on the mobile screen, Google has taken new measures and some algorithm updates like “Mobilegeddon” and “Doorway” to make the process more compact. If your site

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How to Place an Admin on a Fan page?

The fact is very clear to the Facebook users that the role of a page admin always revolve around the Fan pages and not over the personal profiles. A Facebook page admin can do a lot of operations like uploading of photos and videos, launching of Facebook ad campaigns, commenting on other posts and status

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Supplementary Tips to Increase your Twitter Following

Nowadays everyone is connected with the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The reason of that is people always like to be interacted with social issues. If you are in the field of business you must be one of them because it is very important for a business entrepreneur to be aware of

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How to Promote a New Blog Post?

Creating a valuable blog post or content is not enough to get the success. If people cannot find you and your post, how they will be aware of your effort. To gain a readership there are several aspects available in the world of Web. I have compiled here only the efficient ones. If you are

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Identify how to Reduce Bounce or Exit Rates

Your site is compact and there are all the product or service details. You must desire more and more traffic for the exposure and business. You may get millions of visitors, but there is not any kind of positive impact. The bounce rate means that the visitors are coming to the site and returning back

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Discover the Diverse Algorithm Factors and Changes for Facebook News Feed

There are several factors responsible how the news or post of your page will reach to a wider range of people and social media. I have made first some instances of Facebook updates that will make the scenario clearer before entering into the detailed discussion. Here are the updates. Update on November 6th, 2014:- If

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More Acquaintances to Distinguish between Queries and Keywords

There are lots of people related to the world of Web and they carry different views according to different aspects. In case of search queries and keywords the picture is the same. Most of the web people determine both the terms as similar to each other, but according to the search professional there is a

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Few Steps to Launch SEO Friendly WordPress

Most of the users use the platform of Wordpress, but they may not know the effective strategies to make a more effective use of Wordpress. The motto of this article is to find out such tips that make your Wordpress SEO friendly in a few steps. It is open source platform and quite user- friendly.

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Some Aspects to Distinguish between In house SEO, SEO Agency and Freelance SEO

Having a website needs more and more advanced techniques to attract more business. Not only for the business, but to sustain in this competitive world, you need an effective SEO. Now there may be two possible ways to operate the SEO process. You may hire an expert or you have to outsource the task to

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How Google and Other Voice Search Engines Treat Your Voice

The dynamics of the world of web has launched the new phase of voice recognition, but do you know how Google and other voice search engine treat the sound? I am going to provide you more information. According to a famous spokesperson of Google, Travis Trekell certain measures are taken by Google to isolate only

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Starter’s Tips for Paid Search Campaign

If you have a website, you must aware of ad words campaign. If you are experienced than there is no issue, but if you are a beginner, there are lots of things that you should have to know. I have discovered that there are many mistakes made by a beginner. Here, in this article I

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Guide to the Small Business Owners Regarding Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Update

Google’s another warning for a small business owner is regarding mobile suitability. If your site is not suitable with a mobile device you are going to lose a lot of traffic. Except other updates Google is behaving quite friendly in this matter. It is warning the small business owners before rolling out of the update.

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Detail Characteristics of PHP and ASP.NET Regarding Performance, Cost, Scalability and many more

In this changing era to meet the challenges and demand of the internet users the developers are working hard day and night. To make them support, the new scripting languages are always ready in the field, but which one to choose? This post is all about the same discussion. Here, I have chosen the two

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How to write a Great Press Release?

The business owners are always eager to build a better public relation for more exposure of the business. In this concern a Press Release has proved itself to be a short and effective path. According to the experts launching a new product or service will defiantly be followed by a Press release so that people

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The All New Algorithm Update of Google – Doorway

Google has just announced to clear its path for algorithm to maintain a better user experience. Earlier it was the time for mobile when mobile friendly factors are included in the algorithm. Businessmen and site owners have well understood that at present mobile is the key of the industry. Now, this is another. More clearly

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How to Get More Re-Tweets On Twitter

More tweets on you content mean more eyes on you and your post. Earlier there were some common strategies like less usage of hash tags or precise content might produce more re-tweets, but as the technology changes its rhythm, there are some dynamics that should be maintained to gather more and more re-tweets. I have

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More Directions to Landing Page Optimization

In the era of modern marketing, everyone is in search of the best methods to be at the top of the exposure. There is no doubt that the optimization of landing pages and home pages are most important factor for the sites especially for the business oriented sites. If you are running with the traditional

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Speed Up Your Video SEO Strategy

An image or video express much than words. In SEO everyone finds for better exposure in an exceptional manner that can easily attract more and more visitors to a website. Here, I am going to discuss more advanced strategies of video operation in SEO. You better know that YouTube is the second largest search engine

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Know about Your SEO Strategies as a Tour Operator

Whenever people travel, they are always in search of new kind of adventures. So, it is very common matter that they provide extra care and stresses while choosing their tour operator. In this modern era people will like to find their tour operators online, rather than moving from door to door. As a tour operator,

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Tracking of Organic Conversions using Google Analytics Goals

Tracking of Organic Conversions using Google Analytics Goals There are several tracking channel of SEO, but Google analytics is the easier one for the small business. It can provide you all the necessary information that you deserve to evaluate your business. Among most of the tracking I have structured this article for the conversions. To

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Know About Mobile Optimization Strategies

As the current trend is changing towards mobile search instead of desktop search, it is far important to make your site mobile friendly. Otherwise, you will be left far behind as Google has included the mobile suitability in the ranking algorithm. A Glance about Mobile Optimization A mobile optimization means a site’s better response on

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How to Frame an Appreciable “About Us”- Analyze with Better Instances

The “About Us” page is a crucial part for each and every website or blog as it is the place where the relationship with a visitor begins. It is the initial part of a page that receives the first click from a user. So, you understand better the importance of the page. Everything depends upon

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