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Firefox is Developers’ Favorite- How come it’s so?

  Truly said that Firefox is a favorite browser of developers. It has so many tools to make their development work easier. Take a look into a webpage with the collection of Firefox Developer Tools. Plus, a look into another page Developer Edition Browser will give you understanding of more features and tools that are

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WordPress Theme Translation- Ready for Better Accessibility

  When a site brings forth contents in native languages to its users, it becomes better accessible to its users. They feel happy using the site and, all the more, can understand well what the site says. If your site is on WordPress technology, and receives users from non-English speaking nations, you need to get

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6Top Tools to Create Polls, Quizzes and Surveys: Contemporary Online Marketing Requirements

  With bringing heart-shaped Like button in place of Favorites, what did twitter want us to drive home? Current trend regarding relevance and impact of liking and disliking on social media is creating a worldwide discourse template, most likely that might have been a push to bring it, because online users are now more prone

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Automated Testing Frameworks for PHP: Redefining PHP Development Service

  Don’t you often require spending long hours debugging your PHP code? For PHP programmers, this is unamusing job, dragging them to do it most un-fascinatingly. Are they aware that they can almost automate it, significantly improving the workflow of PHP development and drive the development process faster? The solution is automated testing framework, allowing

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