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Google Photo Insights- A New Feature of Google My Business to Evaluate Online Visitors Engagement

In this competition driven web world, proper optimization of a website is essential to improve the online organic ranking of the website on the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Optimization of a website largely involves various dimensions of tasks, and among them, one of the most important tasks is to list a

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Videos on Facebook-Native versus Third-Party YouTube Videos

  In this present era, Social media plays a predominant role in effectively reaching out to a potential number of customers in the shortest possible time. In fact, the social media platforms are the most effective way to engage a huge number of people at a particular point of time. But, for engaging people, one

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Exact Match Domain (EMD) – A Tactic That Is Effective as Well as Vulnerable to Low Website Quality

In today’s present era, the web world is featured with various optimization complexities that one has to master if want to successfully remain on the top ranks of the popular search engines. In the present web world, tackling the various types of complex optimization practices is very tricky many times. One of such tricky and

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The 5 Most Important Local Search Insights of 2016

In this present era, digital marketing is the most important marketing tool used by the organizations to promote their products and services among the online customers. The high utilization of the online platform for marketing and promotion of a business emphasizes the significance of various digital marketing categories. The digital platform is an ever changing

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Benefits of Using the Advanced SEO Suite Ultimate in Magento SEO

In this present era, competent SEO practices play a major role in the promotion and marketing of a business. Effective SEO practices help to improve the online organic ranking of a website. But, in the recent times, the process of search engine optimization has become a very challenging practice. Each day, the SEO optimization process

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Some Most Common Canonical URL Implementation Mistakes

Nowadays, search engines play a very significant role in the marketing and promotion of a business. The online organic ranking of a website largely depends on search engines and unique CMS management systems. However, achieving a good ranking on the popular search engines is quite tough. Today, one of the most important challenges in the

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Adieu the Unwanted Keywords, Reported to Search Console

  Keywords are one of the most important things of any content. We may consider the keywords as the heart of the content. Keywords are the essence of the content. But, some of the keywords have been rejected because of the report in the Google search console. It is one of the latest and innovative

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The 5 Most Commonly Made SEO Mistakes, Needed to be Avoided

  In this highly competitive world, it is very important to grab your clients. The optimization of your web and blog is one of the most necessary ways to attract your clients. To boost up your web business, you need to follow some content marketing strategies. SEO is essential to bring the web traffic to

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