Are you spamming Google search results pages with non-organic paid link schemes or black-hat inbound link development strategies? Have you received any notifications in Google webmaster tools linked to your site? Then, delay not for a minute to give it an insight in order that Google may not further embarrass you with another ‘double whammy’.


Apply with reconsideration request is an opportunity given to all of you whose sites have been getting no visibility on Google search. But, not all penalized sites may be considered as eligible to apply for it, especially when any of them is found out to have been penalized due to stark violation of Google quality guidelines (Read here:).

Penalty is disposed to the faulty sites in two ways- manually and via algorithmic change. Reinstating them to their places yet again is possible only when penalty has been dispensed through manual actions. In case, you are unsure whether your site has been penalized by manual actions or algorithmic change, Google is instructing webmasters to submit their reconsideration request without hesitation. Check it out here for further move.

Make sure a thorough check has been made to ascertain possible resolution of backlink related and design related issues. Google has rolled out foolproof algorithm, Penguin 2.0, which sorts out erratic sites that are not conforming to Google guidelines absolutely. Check out your site design, content created, technology used and whether Google quality guidelines followed or not before mailing reconsideration requests to Google.

How will you come to know your site needs it? Check out whether your site is appearing on Google search results, or it is performing more poorly than it once did. Explore your site thoroughly to determine if your site is fully conforming to Webmaster Guidelines (read here:

Remember that Google will allow revocation of any site’s visibility only when the site has been solely affected by an algorithmic change. It has been irrevocably clarified by Google.

Submission of request to bring a penalized site in Google’s search results pages is allowable. It seems that Google might have understood how an honest website owner-and-businessperson could be exploited in the hands of greedy site design and marketing professionals. In many instances, they follow what those professionals suggest them while not knowing they are indeed violating Google quality guidelines. They are like a fashion victim!

Duped often with promise to earn them visibility on SERP within a chimerically short timeframe, they earn them instead fifteen minutes of fame in reality. They use marketing patterns, which are never advised to. For instance, spammy blog comments, auto-generated forum posts, or text advertisements with links. They are all examples of unnatural links. Check out them and make a list to strike out spammy links that still easily pass PageRank (read about it here:, without lining with Google’s guidelines. If you suspect that certain numbers of back links has been created, you can use the power of Google’s disavow tool to control those spam, remember, it could be earned by your cheap seo effort or competitors shameless back stabbing!

Is it then the end of your online business? Never, Google is offering you a chance to wash out all bad backlinks to and from your site. Identify the poor links and show no leniency to either remove them or no-follow them. Let Google then be apprised about your stern step against removal and no-following of all bad backlinks spoiling your site visibility.

People didn’t care seriously about the veiled warning of Google against its future swipe across sites linking to and from bad backlinks. Upon the roll out of Google Penguin 2.0, webmasters seem to have moved. This latest roll out of Penguin 2.0 on 22 May, 2013 is a virtual cloud burst upon them, veritably washing away garbage and blocks preventing users experience ultimate of Google’s excellent services. Future awaits more such overhauls..


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