What is SEO? In its simplest term, it is an online marketing process to gain good visibility for your website in the natural results pages of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Contrary to PPC, which always gives dividends against a budget, some elements of SEO can be used at little or no cost and can definitely bring a longer lasting impact than paid campaigns. But to best utilize SEO, there are activities that require the budget and maybe the resources of SEO companies and SEO consultants as well.

Keyword analysis is a vital and very fundamental move toward SEO. By analyzing keywords helps determine which words and phrases should be used in your online content in order to make sure it is found in natural search results. Google AdWords Keyword Tool is an amazing handy tool that cannot only tell you how many people you are researching but also suggest you what alternative phrases you may use. Use this keyword researching tool in Google to check which of your competitors surface against similar queries.

The following SEO move will be to match your online content with the keywords you are using. No doubt, the use of most searched terms is very vital, but at the same time, ensure other keywords are also used. In doing so, they can help yours to capture as many visitors as possible. Selection of the right set of keywords helps achieve good positions of your target web pages in search engines. Ensure keyword density is in standard proportion of content size. Repeat keywords 3 to 4 times for every 100-word used. Over-using and keyword stuffing bring in negative impacts on page ranking.

Use keywords in page titles, headings, bold text within the body text. Put keywords into alternative text (alt text) and captions for images. Few instances of these activities include template changes, <H1>, <H2>, etc. in HTML tagging used in headings and subheadings.

Practice link building, both inbound link and outbound link building. Good SEO impact and higher page positioning of keywords are achievable from their use. While swapping links, ensure they come only from relevant websites with good page rank. Don’t import links from bad sites. Syndicate contents, such as press release which contains your URL. Use internal linking procedure among your various web pages of your website. This increases traffic move across your site’s pages. Be careful about no-follow and do-follow links and follow instructions of search engines in this regard.Be careful with Google’s quality guidelines while building links!

PPC marketing or Pay Per Click advertising involves paid advertising on search engines. Google AdWords is one of the tools you may use it to achieve your business goal. This tool is free to use. But, a significant budget is required as there is always a cost involved every time a user clicks on one of your campaigns.

Similar to keyword analysis in SEO segment, this task is also important as the first step in PPC marketing. In doing so helps you determine which phrases and words to bid on. Failure to perform it effectively may yield no dividends to your online marketing goal. Chances are, your ads would not then most likely appear to your target audience, resulting in your deposited money being squandered away through clicks on your ads by wrong audiences. High performing keywords may cost many dollars per click, but they can return more dividends against investment.

However, PPC professionals very often tend to err by not setting realistic budget at the start of PPC campaigns. Google AdWords allows users to set bidding limits so that deduction from the deposit would be equated as per the numbers of clicks on key phrases. This impact on their positioning in turn. Limit setting can be made on daily basis. Key strategy which might be used is day parting and hourly parting. Here in this case, ads are displayed during specific hours and days when there is the most potential clicks.

In similar way, vital strategy is ad creative. It helps grab attention, inspire interest, encourage desire and achieve action. Together they make AIDA. Keywords can be used in headlines and body text. Body text has to be specific and include a call to action.

Evaluation and Website Optimization:

SEO tasks and PPC campaigns need to be scanned continuously. You may have to add or reject strategies according to their capacity in impacting keyword rankings and converting visitors into customers. Both have to work. Otherwise, lots of traffic might be driven to your site but few sales can be made actually. Any question?Feel free to write me!