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Expansion of Your PPC Coverage Network beyond Google and Bing

In today’s era, the online platform plays a crucial role in the promotion of a business among the potential customers. Digital marketing is one of the most effective techniques to engage customers and generate leads

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Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Regarded as the Optimum Place to Redesign Your Small Business Website

The website of a business serves as its digital storefront that brings in more customers and generates leads and sales for the company. Businesses operating online always try to keep their website updated with the

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Website Is Driving Potential Visitors Away

In this highly competitive digital marketing era, a well-designed and updated website plays a key role in driving traffic and generating potential leads for the business. A Website is the primary element that attracts visitor’s

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The Top Six Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Update

As technology is rapidly experiencing a huge growth rate, the digital podium is getting more competitive and difficult to sustain. In this competition driven web world, it is essential for a business to have a

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Fabric – The Mobile Development Platform of Twitter Taken Over By Google

In this present era, technology plays a vital role in every spare of work. There are hundreds and thousands of applications that are utilized for various kinds of tasks related to digital resource management, application

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Why India Is Considered the Topmost Hubs for Outsourcing Offshore SEO Services?

With the development of the digital marketing system, organizations tend to focus on the online presence of their company. A shift in the focus from traditional to digital marketing has emphasized the need and importance

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Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic – Which One Is Better

Businesses often face a dilemma about the fact that whether to invest in paid SEO or work on their organic search engine optimization processes to acquire better traffic into the website. This has till now

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The Most Trending WordPress Developments to Check Out In 2017

Nowadays, the digital platform plays a significant role in every aspect of a business. Starting from marketing and promotion to sales and advertising all is done with the help of the digital platform. With such

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What Are the Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Link Building In 2017?

Digital marketing is one of the key methods to reach out to potential customers competently in a shorter period of time. Marketing products and services on the digital platform requires effective search engine optimization tactics.

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Google to Initiate Overriding of Call Extension Numbers with Location-Specific Phone Numbers in Ads

The digital platform is an every changing podium that allows the introduction of varied forms of innovations and updates, which makes the web world more competitive and profitable. At present, the digital platform is the

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Top 7 Link Resolutions for 2017

Nowadays, the digital platform plays a crucial role in the marketing and promotion of a business. Using the digital method of marketing and communication, organizations achieve greater number of leads and sales for the business.

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Voice Searches – The Most Trending Search Types in Bing

Today, with the world witnessing a fast technological growth, the digital platform has become an essential place to reach out to potential customers, effectively, in a shorter period of time. In this present era, digital

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Pros and Cons of Using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

In this technologically advanced world, the accessibility of the web pages in different platforms is essential to improve the organic ranking of the website on the top SERP results. It is often seen that due

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What Is the Significance of SEO Reselling Program?

In this present era, search engine optimization is one of the most important aspects of the digital marketing world. Strategic SEO practices helps to enhance the website visibility on the top SERP results. The basic

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Importance and Benefits of the SEO Referral Program

Search engine optimization is one the most important elements of the digital marketing world, today. SEO practices help an organization to enhance its website’s visibility on the top SERP results. Today, there are many top

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The Three Most Important Components That Impact the Budget of a SEO Program

In this present era, a strategic approach to SEO is essential to acquire a top ranking on the popular search engines. Search engine optimization is a process, which involves optimizing strategies, tactics, and techniques to

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A Glimpse to the Top Searches of Google in 2016

Google is the most important and the top ranking search engine platform all over the world. The popularity that this search engine platform holds as compared to others is huge. It is often seen that

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Google Photo Insights- A New Feature of Google My Business to Evaluate Online Visitors Engagement

In this competition driven web world, proper optimization of a website is essential to improve the online organic ranking of the website on the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Optimization of a

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Videos on Facebook-Native versus Third-Party YouTube Videos

  In this present era, Social media plays a predominant role in effectively reaching out to a potential number of customers in the shortest possible time. In fact, the social media platforms are the most

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Exact Match Domain (EMD) – A Tactic That Is Effective as Well as Vulnerable to Low Website Quality

In today’s present era, the web world is featured with various optimization complexities that one has to master if want to successfully remain on the top ranks of the popular search engines. In the present

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What Our Clients Says About Zebra Techies Solution

Michael Kuzilny

Michael Kuzilny – MD, MK Law Firm

Have been working with this organization for over Three years and can say they have diligently worked on white method of enhancing my Google words positions, there has been an improvement on all front.
Michael Kuzilny