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Using the Rich Results Tool Introduced by Google You Can Now Test Structured Data

There are a lot of updates and new releases from Google on a regular interval of time. This time yet again Google has come up with a new tool that can test all structured data of your website. This tool is referred by Google as the ‘rich results tool’. This tool has got introduced by

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Retaliation of the Advertisers on Google Doubling Its Adwords Budget

Recently, Google has reported an important update rolling out a change to the manner Adwords budget can be used and it’s been taken as one of the most anti-advertisers changes made ever. This update is on operation from October 4, 2017. By now the Google Adwords campaigns will be able to spend up twice the

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Top 3 Tips How Your Content Team Should Work In Collaboration with the SEO Department

The growth in content marketing in the present era has created a permanent shift in the manner in which marketers view SEO. Nowadays, marketers rather than opting for a purely technical approach to link building are expanding their services to quality content production and promotion as a way of supplementing the other ongoing website optimization

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Acknowledge the potential of Guest Posting with the Privilege of SEOs

Managing the SEO factors of a website requires competent knowledge. Some individuals do not consider the guest posting as an effective strategy for content marketing. This might be a cause of less significant accessibility of enthusiast readers to reach their websites. The idea of guest posting is to provide necessary information to the readers that

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The Significance and Necessity of Digital Marketing in this Competitive Business Landscape

Marketing and sales are two most essential elements to generate lead and improve sales of a business. Strategic and effective marketing engages greater number of potential customers and brings more sales for the business. In today’s era, businesses are often witnessing stiff competition as there are millions of other firms that are targeting the same

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Google Photo Insights- A New Feature of Google My Business to Evaluate Online Visitors Engagement

In this competition driven web world, proper optimization of a website is essential to improve the online organic ranking of the website on the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Optimization of a website largely involves various dimensions of tasks, and among them, one of the most important tasks is to list a

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In What Ways Can You Optimize Your Website to Rank for Multiple Locations?

  Today, in this digitized world, the companies advertise their brands through the online marketing platforms. Most of the customers today have the access to the internet and with the help of this medium, they get introduced to different products and services. To increase the traffic to the websites, the SEO companies use various techniques

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Social Bookmarking – An Important Ingredient of the Search Engine Optimization Process

  Social bookmarking is one of the most popular link building strategies. It is a centralized online service with the help of which, the users can share the links to different web pages with the other web visitors. As we all know, bookmarks help to store the links to the web pages on the web

The Keyword – The Brand New and Improved Official Blog of Google

  Previously, Google’s official blog used to have nineteen separate company blogs, but now, all the nineteen separate blogs are combined into one official blog of Google, termed as “The Keyword”. It has been undoubtedly a very useful modification and this has facilitated people very much. The products and services of Google keep on changing

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What Are the Major Differences between the Two Most Popular Video-Sharing Websites – YouTube and Vimeo?

Today, the video is one of the most popular means used for sharing information, worldwide. With the help of this audio-visual medium, a huge quantity of information is shared every day. There are numerous video sharing websites of which, YouTube is the most popular one. YouTube is an American website that helps in sharing videos

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How will you do Keyword Research for E-Commerce Business?

  Did you plan anything solid about marketing of your online business? It is not entirely similar to marketing of your business offline. In fact, since attracting strangers to your store and entertaining them so they stick around your store and visit its various pages, converting those visitors into leads, to closing them as customers-

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3 Tools to Use for Better Content Creation

  How many times in a week are you being able to produce engaging and effective contents? The biggest challenge every social and content marketer faces these days is lack of relevant topics to catch at the very first moment. So many so countless number of topics are making the rounds that social and content

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Techniques for Effective Branding: Effectively Cut Short

  How is your brand doing? Is it performing up to your expectations? When you find yourself busy everyday in checking your mailbox just getting up in the morning and replying to their senders, you should be sure that people around are loving your brand and engaging with your brand. Maybe, rather say for sure,

7 Steps to Maximize App Optimization

  Will you believe the term ‘app’ used to come up between technocrats only during their casual conversations? It seems now unbelievable seeing the countless number of apps and their users worldwide! A compelling effect is palpably noticeable across our societies and indeed vital component of personal and social fabric of millions of people’s lives

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3 Essential Ways to Improve Ranking of a Website

  As you ask Google how to improve ranking of your site, 5 tips will promptly be dished out before you. Undeniably, all of them are important ingredients to rank and are like 5 commandments indeed. Every site has got to follow them if to keep ranking on Google. “Follow these suggestions, and watch your

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E-Commerce Content Marketing: Popular Practices to Follow in 2016

  What would be the central aim of an e-commerce site? Surely, more and more buyers? This has to be an overriding one without an iota of doubt, because everything out there is about making business and that ends with how many sales have been processed and closed on the site. What about those Vital

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How to Keep SEO Protocols Impact-Immune from Voice Search?

  Are you ready for new age digital marketing? If not yet, you’re already late to reorient with the age of mobile and voice search marketing protocols. Mobile and voice search are remolding the protocols of SEO and Google is taking to ‘direct queries’ more favorably. Get ready to adopt with them. Let’s know what

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SMO: Optimization on a Facebook Page in Multiple Language

  In campaign clutters, reaching to the target audience faster is a challenge. There are millions of wisenheimers resisting business pitches of one another, as a result none of them are being able to reach out to their target audience. Maybe, many of them lying in so deep of the web that audiences bother not

Content Marketing Plan to watch out in 2016

  Majority of the entrepreneurs keep their face all smiles during first few years of running a business. They remain busy with their first clients, learning ropes and making myriad mistakes. Doing all these, they tend to forget to focus on strategizing a solid content marketing plan. However, this is the key driver to making

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3 Ways to Take your Business to the Next-Level

Maybe, you’ve spent a quite number of years building your online business- finding out your niche, developing and nurturing it and going alone many a times. In short, you might have invested a large part of yourself and your money into developing an effective idea. All these labors you’ve invested must be with an aim

25 Tips for Effective Digital Marketing in 2016

  Going out to a new place? You must have then checked the place online. It is more than common these days. Suppose you are planning for dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been there. Most likely, you’ll check its customer feedback, etc. 80% people according to Google rely more on the web to find

Interactive Content Marketing is the Future

  Content marketing landscape is fast changing. It is welcoming many a new formats like interactive products and services and burying many a long time-running marketing formats. New marketing formats aim to respond to users’ actions by presenting content such as texts, moving image, animation, video, audio, games, etc. Though they are proving to be

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How are New Domain Extensions more Streamlined for Online Marketing?

  Dotcom (.com) domain extension now unfurls quantal business effect worldwide. For many brands, it can launch a leash of business success while for many, nothing! However, brands previously focused on it only. With the change of time, businesses have focus no longer constrained to dotcom extension only. They are seen rather focusing more value

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6 Tips for E-Commerce Site Optimization

  Ecommerce site optimization techniques are no more sub rosa. Getting your site visible in organic search engine results pages such as Google, Bing, etc. is almost an easy job to do. What you need to look into your site prior to starting Ecommerce SEO for it is whether your site is made SEO-friendly, showing

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3 Points of Design for Better User Experience

  Securing better user experience is the key to a website success. More clearly, an online business success is largely dependent how nicer you can guarantee your customer journey. The users stay on and use your site, the better. It means your site is able to encourage, engage and effect the buyer personas the way

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SEO 2016 Guide: How is the Digital Marketing Scenario going to look like?

  If you’re still in the garb of SEO 2015 strategies, you’re in the lag. Here’s a guide to give you a leg up if you want sincerely to gain steam from the race. With every New Year, it’s necessary to re-evaluate your SEO strategy lest you should keep following the same ones this time

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3 Key Social Media Marketing Trends to watch out in 2016

  Search Engine Optimization is now Search Experience Optimization. The better a site gives user experience, the more traffic and ROI. In fact, keyword ranking would be veritably expanding through how better user search experience is! It further more strongly gets expanded through proper social media engagement and exposure. What’s your social media plan this

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SEO Trends in 2016

  Last year 2015 saw a series of algorithm updates. Among them Mobilegeddon update is surely remarkable. It penalized sites lacking in mobile non-compliance segment. In addition, a number of new digital assistant technologies and types of mobile devices have been brought to the fore to shape the future of search in terms of user

WordPress 4.4: 5 New Features You Must Need to Know

  WordPress 4.4 comes up with quite a few improved features to enable WordPress developers deliver sites more efficiently in unique formats of presentation. With this version launch, the future of WordPress in the JavaScript-centric era has taken off. Look into a few features of WordPress 4.4 and know how they are improvements upon their

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5 Mobile Chat Apps to Send Messages Anonymously

  How if you have a chat app allowing you to send messages in cognito? It would benefit you in two ways, importantly. Firstly, your identity gets not disclosed to everybody you don’t want it to be. Your messages would get off the chest under anonymity. Secondly, recipients would rather focus on messages than dealing

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Firefox is Developers’ Favorite- How come it’s so?

  Truly said that Firefox is a favorite browser of developers. It has so many tools to make their development work easier. Take a look into a webpage with the collection of Firefox Developer Tools. Plus, a look into another page Developer Edition Browser will give you understanding of more features and tools that are

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WordPress Theme Translation- Ready for Better Accessibility

  When a site brings forth contents in native languages to its users, it becomes better accessible to its users. They feel happy using the site and, all the more, can understand well what the site says. If your site is on WordPress technology, and receives users from non-English speaking nations, you need to get

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Automated Testing Frameworks for PHP: Redefining PHP Development Service

  Don’t you often require spending long hours debugging your PHP code? For PHP programmers, this is unamusing job, dragging them to do it most un-fascinatingly. Are they aware that they can almost automate it, significantly improving the workflow of PHP development and drive the development process faster? The solution is automated testing framework, allowing

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Magento vs. WordPress: Which One You Should Go For?

  Look around the web, you’ll get to see ample number of ecommerce platforms that often tend to leave people like you confounded as to which of them would be right for your requirements and budget. All the more, all these ecommerce platforms have their respective strong points in terms of functionalities, it’s necessary for

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How to Boost Your Local Business?

  Do you think search engine optimization is a complex, methodical and important part of any online business? Ask anyone into online business, only to be replied that any website would get buried into the heaps of hundreds of websites without SEO. And, conversions? This will be zero event for such a website. For a

4 Ways to Improve speed of Google Chrome

  Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. People worldwide prefer it to many others for its excellent features, extensions and applications. All the same, Chrome is slow at time and this is due to some of its features. Users can make its speed faster provided they follow some tips and tricks.

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Are You Making Any Gap with Your Content Marketing Strategies?

  As I have told you earlier that content is the king, so what special measures you have taken for a better optimized content marketing strategy? I am quite sure that you are doing well. Besides that, there are few business owners who think that there is no need to implement professional aspects for such

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Choosing Ecommerce Platform: How could be Magento a Solid Option?

  Managing to secure a catbird seat amongst stores online could be a challenge. No less challenging would be the task of making right choice of an ecommerce CMS. Till the advent of Magento, it has really been so. What this ecommerce technology solution can offer you can unlikely be visible on any other solutions,

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Is Web Design on The Verge of Death?

A chitchat is rounding all about regarding the future of web design. Many industry thinkers sounded an imminent climax of web design. That their forecast is not a sweeping generalization is sure to be understood from the given instances and logic of changes in the offing in the changing environment of device usages. From desktop

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Designing an E-Commerce Site- Developers’ Druthers

  Designing an e-commerce site differs from designing web pages of a non-ecommerce site. First of anything important for such a site is its look-and-feel. It has to be so nice that it can competently attract visitors and treat them with equal importance. In order to ensure fulfilment of this basic requirement, knowledge of using

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Are You Missing Some Common Prospects of Content Optimization?

The following opportunities in the field of content marketing are very much common and if you are not taking them, you must be unaware of those prospects. On the basis of my twelve years experience I have managed this article how you can optimize your content in a better way. 1. Poor Meta Descriptions Meta

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Ultimate Magento Customization Service

[schema type="none" ] E-Commerce is the most popular business trend in futuristic society. So, you’ve decided to take your business to online marketplace? That’s great! But, what platform should you choose out of many options available out there? Business means trade and trade means transactions. For online buyers, security is perhaps the prime factor that

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What Is The Best Use Of Typography, Color Or Templates In Social Media Images To Get Maximum Conversion?

  In this advanced era of digital marketing, you must have explored the efficiency of Social media and for the same it is very evident that you are using the platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for efficient content marketing. Have you ever thought to increase user’s interactions because if your article or post is

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How to Deepen Content Authority and Increase Influence?

  You’ve published a content now and a ream of contents on your blog. You may be happy with the growth and the traction you’re gaining. Audience response are though not pretty well, but not disappointing, as it is meeting goals. By now, your content might have created authority, with what seems to be a

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AdWords or SEO- What is the Best between Them?

  SEO and AdWords are the movers and shakers of digital marketing. These two prime components play the pivotal role in running digital campaigns. Needless to say, they have downsides as well as upsides, so it will be pragmatic to use them together as and when required and separately as and when such a need

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Some Online Review Platforms Essential for Your Business

  2015 has explored many new-born SEO strategies, but reviews are still at the same point of importance. People still, like to check online reviews while specifying a restaurant or a multiplex. So, to get some added business, it is far important to optimize these review platforms. Now, check out all of these review platforms

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3 YouTube Tricks Effective for Online Marketing

  From a mere child to a much older person, whoever uses the Internet must enjoy videos of their likes on YouTube. There you can find video contents of entertainment, educational, and of all subjects that you look for, literally. For instance, if you want to learn web designs, you can learn it on YouTube.

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Is Alphabet Formation by Google to Allow Wider Focus on its Moonshot Projects?

  Maybe, self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and smart contact lenses are going to be Google’s next radically revolutionary mission. Alphabet’s formation could be its result. If not, why then Larry Page passed the baton of running his strongly globally established online enterprise Google empire to Sundar Pichai, an out-and-out scientist and innovator rather than a

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Social Media Followers and Tips for Engaging Them

  Building and nurturing social media followers is an art, involving persistence, integrity, focusing on expert subject line, making threadbare communication and, of course, sharing knowledge. Oftentimes, you may feel doing all these things like trying to be the most popular kid in a school and cracking some kind of highly selective popularity with a

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