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What Are the Pay Per Click (PPC) Trends of 2017?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the hot topic throughout the year 2016 among the online advertisers. The popularity of this digital marketing tactic lies in its ability to generate more qualitative leads, traffic, and sales for the business in a shorter period of time. Unlike the organic method of digital marketing, PPC provide instant results to

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Are you Confused with SEM and SEO?

You have surely hired an SEO firm for your website, but what about SEM? Are these terms mean same or there are any differences? Is the SEO firm managing both? I have managed this article to fix the confusion about SEO and SEM. It is very important to understand both the processes to gain a

Know about Click Through Rate (CTR)

What does it mean? If you have a website, you are always trying to increase the visitors and clicks on your site. You may have launched several advertisement campaigns. CTR is the estimate of measuring the success of an online advertisement campaign. Either you have used Google ad words or other channel, it is far

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Know the Money Making Strategies of Google and the Most Expensive Keywords

PPC Keywords are most Expensive: - You will be surprised to know that around 97% of total money comes from online pay per click advertising. That is the reason why this effort has been made. Actually I wanted to find out the most expensive keywords and here is the detail. These keywords are the basic

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Strategic Google Ad Words Bidding

There is a moral how much you pay, the more you get. The moral truly matches in the field of bidding. It may be an auction of rare goods of a museum or online ad words bidding, the investment will determine your place of exposure. On the world of web the matter is not how

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How to Utilize the Paid Search Marketing-Beginners Tips

If you have a website you must aware of the fact of online marketing. In the world of web to gain popularity there is no alternate medium except online marketing. With the changing technology the web world has experienced a lot of new techniques of marketing. If you are a beginner, you will be bewildered

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