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Facebook Test Enable Showing Related Articles before You Actually Open Links

Facebook is the top most social media platform used by millions of users, globally. This platform is essentially a predominant place, where digital marketers promote their products and services. By utilizing this platform, one can effectively reach their target number of customers and promote their products and services. The top SEO consulting firms in India

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What Are the 7 Most Effective Ways to Boost Your Facebook Page Fans?

Social media is an integral part of online marketing. While you market your product or service on the digital platform, you need to spread the knowledge about the same among the online target audiences. In simple terms, social media is a part of effective digital marketing. The top digital marketing companies in India immensely rely

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Top Five Social Media Highlights for the Year 2017

Today's era is a digital era, where everything starting from promotions, marketing, to selling is done on the digital platform. The digital platform is one of the crucial podiums in the present tech-friendly world, where a business needs to establish itself for achieving success and growth. Creating a strong and magnificent brand identity on the

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The Significance and Necessity of Digital Marketing in this Competitive Business Landscape

Marketing and sales are two most essential elements to generate lead and improve sales of a business. Strategic and effective marketing engages greater number of potential customers and brings more sales for the business. In today’s era, businesses are often witnessing stiff competition as there are millions of other firms that are targeting the same

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SMO: Optimization on a Facebook Page in Multiple Language

  In campaign clutters, reaching to the target audience faster is a challenge. There are millions of wisenheimers resisting business pitches of one another, as a result none of them are being able to reach out to their target audience. Maybe, many of them lying in so deep of the web that audiences bother not

Hidden Important Features of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

  Social media platform is evolving continuously. Adding new cool features here and there, users often find it hard to keep pace with them, especially when any of them goes live without any formal announcement. Take for example of Facebook’s new feature for its users who can add life events and milestones to their personal

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3 Key Social Media Marketing Trends to watch out in 2016

  Search Engine Optimization is now Search Experience Optimization. The better a site gives user experience, the more traffic and ROI. In fact, keyword ranking would be veritably expanding through how better user search experience is! It further more strongly gets expanded through proper social media engagement and exposure. What’s your social media plan this

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SEO Trends in 2016

  Last year 2015 saw a series of algorithm updates. Among them Mobilegeddon update is surely remarkable. It penalized sites lacking in mobile non-compliance segment. In addition, a number of new digital assistant technologies and types of mobile devices have been brought to the fore to shape the future of search in terms of user

6Top Tools to Create Polls, Quizzes and Surveys: Contemporary Online Marketing Requirements

  With bringing heart-shaped Like button in place of Favorites, what did twitter want us to drive home? Current trend regarding relevance and impact of liking and disliking on social media is creating a worldwide discourse template, most likely that might have been a push to bring it, because online users are now more prone

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Facebook Game Invites- Deal Them Smartly

Too many Facebook Game invites making your life a clutter? You’re not alone on this planet to have been facing this hell! The challenge is you’ll be still getting invites even after you put up the recording on the loop saying “Please do not invite me anymore.” As long as you’re on Facebook, this is

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Are You Making Any Gap with Your Content Marketing Strategies?

  As I have told you earlier that content is the king, so what special measures you have taken for a better optimized content marketing strategy? I am quite sure that you are doing well. Besides that, there are few business owners who think that there is no need to implement professional aspects for such

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How to Launch Some Effective Ads on Social Media?

If you are spending money for online marketing, you must have used the effective path of social media and it is undoubtedly the best way at present to get maximum visibility. So, if you are getting appreciations along with some added business, why you are not thinking about some effective social media ads. Some of

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What Is The Best Use Of Typography, Color Or Templates In Social Media Images To Get Maximum Conversion?

  In this advanced era of digital marketing, you must have explored the efficiency of Social media and for the same it is very evident that you are using the platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for efficient content marketing. Have you ever thought to increase user’s interactions because if your article or post is

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3 YouTube Tricks Effective for Online Marketing

  From a mere child to a much older person, whoever uses the Internet must enjoy videos of their likes on YouTube. There you can find video contents of entertainment, educational, and of all subjects that you look for, literally. For instance, if you want to learn web designs, you can learn it on YouTube.

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Social Media Followers and Tips for Engaging Them

  Building and nurturing social media followers is an art, involving persistence, integrity, focusing on expert subject line, making threadbare communication and, of course, sharing knowledge. Oftentimes, you may feel doing all these things like trying to be the most popular kid in a school and cracking some kind of highly selective popularity with a

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Tweets Indexation of Google has Reached at only 3.4%

  On the basis of the announcement made by Google in earlier January 2015, it has been predicted that all the tweets will be searchable and can be found on SERP. Now, almost half a year has been passed and according to the study of Stone Temple Consulting, the indexation has reached to only 3.4%,

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Is There Any Base of Formal Education for a Digital or Social Media Marketer?

Status of Digital Marketing and Social Media Courses There are many institutes and colleges that are engaged in providing special training courses in the field of digital marketing, social media marketing, online strategies, SEO and many more. Some of them are providing specialized degree and diploma after the completion of such courses. Marketing is the

How to Produce Rocking Hashtags?

Hashtag is like the currency of social media and one should have to be more aware how to spend it. Though the origin was specified for a single social platform and that is Twitter, but now hashtag has become the major aspect of almost all the social networking media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and

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How to Place an Admin on a Fan page?

The fact is very clear to the Facebook users that the role of a page admin always revolve around the Fan pages and not over the personal profiles. A Facebook page admin can do a lot of operations like uploading of photos and videos, launching of Facebook ad campaigns, commenting on other posts and status

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Supplementary Tips to Increase your Twitter Following

Nowadays everyone is connected with the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The reason of that is people always like to be interacted with social issues. If you are in the field of business you must be one of them because it is very important for a business entrepreneur to be aware of

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Discover the Diverse Algorithm Factors and Changes for Facebook News Feed

There are several factors responsible how the news or post of your page will reach to a wider range of people and social media. I have made first some instances of Facebook updates that will make the scenario clearer before entering into the detailed discussion. Here are the updates. Update on November 6th, 2014:- If

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How to Get More Re-Tweets On Twitter

More tweets on you content mean more eyes on you and your post. Earlier there were some common strategies like less usage of hash tags or precise content might produce more re-tweets, but as the technology changes its rhythm, there are some dynamics that should be maintained to gather more and more re-tweets. I have

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How Google+ Shake Search Results?

Along with all the up-dated features of Google like Panda and penguin, Google+ has proved a strong impact on search results. The exciting feature is that it focuses on non personalized results. More the connection has been constructed in several ways for impacting search results. Just have a look. Matter of Personalization: - The fact

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The All New Shopping Search Engine of Facebook-TheFind

A new e-commerce company, TheFind has been included with Facebook for a better experience of shopping cart. The exciting matter is that this new addition has an indexation of around 500 million products along with 500,000 stores. The specialty of TheFind is that it has the capacity to specify the most popular products along with

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