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Things to Consider When Outsourcing PHP Development Services in India

While you run a business online, it is essential that you adequately concentrate on your web development factors. It is very important to identify that whether the development tasks will be conducted in-house or it will be outsourced. Developing a website in-house involves huge challenges and requires the concrete engagement of your IT team. Whereas,

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The Top 5 Guidelines to Improve Your Joomla Website Security

The Growing growth of digital media marketing has made it very essential for a business to have eye-catchy and properly customized website. On the digital platform a website plays the role of a mirror. It provides the customers a direct access to the products and services of the business. Through websites, people grab the attention

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The Top 4 Web Development Trends of 2017 – Part I

In this 21st-century era, the web has become an integral part of the life system of the people. People use the web for every sort of a work whether professional or personal. The digital platform is used for works like shopping to banking. The immense popularity of the digital platform has led businesses to target

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Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Regarded as the Optimum Place to Redesign Your Small Business Website

The website of a business serves as its digital storefront that brings in more customers and generates leads and sales for the company. Businesses operating online always try to keep their website updated with the latest software features, designs, user-friendly nature, etc. In most of the cases, the website of a company serves as the

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SEO Trends in 2016

  Last year 2015 saw a series of algorithm updates. Among them Mobilegeddon update is surely remarkable. It penalized sites lacking in mobile non-compliance segment. In addition, a number of new digital assistant technologies and types of mobile devices have been brought to the fore to shape the future of search in terms of user

WordPress 4.4: 5 New Features You Must Need to Know

  WordPress 4.4 comes up with quite a few improved features to enable WordPress developers deliver sites more efficiently in unique formats of presentation. With this version launch, the future of WordPress in the JavaScript-centric era has taken off. Look into a few features of WordPress 4.4 and know how they are improvements upon their

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5 Mobile Chat Apps to Send Messages Anonymously

  How if you have a chat app allowing you to send messages in cognito? It would benefit you in two ways, importantly. Firstly, your identity gets not disclosed to everybody you don’t want it to be. Your messages would get off the chest under anonymity. Secondly, recipients would rather focus on messages than dealing

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Firefox is Developers’ Favorite- How come it’s so?

  Truly said that Firefox is a favorite browser of developers. It has so many tools to make their development work easier. Take a look into a webpage with the collection of Firefox Developer Tools. Plus, a look into another page Developer Edition Browser will give you understanding of more features and tools that are

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Automated Testing Frameworks for PHP: Redefining PHP Development Service

  Don’t you often require spending long hours debugging your PHP code? For PHP programmers, this is unamusing job, dragging them to do it most un-fascinatingly. Are they aware that they can almost automate it, significantly improving the workflow of PHP development and drive the development process faster? The solution is automated testing framework, allowing

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Designing an E-Commerce Site- Developers’ Druthers

  Designing an e-commerce site differs from designing web pages of a non-ecommerce site. First of anything important for such a site is its look-and-feel. It has to be so nice that it can competently attract visitors and treat them with equal importance. In order to ensure fulfilment of this basic requirement, knowledge of using

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Are You Missing Some Common Prospects of Content Optimization?

The following opportunities in the field of content marketing are very much common and if you are not taking them, you must be unaware of those prospects. On the basis of my twelve years experience I have managed this article how you can optimize your content in a better way. 1. Poor Meta Descriptions Meta

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Ultimate Magento Customization Service

[schema type="none" ] E-Commerce is the most popular business trend in futuristic society. So, you’ve decided to take your business to online marketplace? That’s great! But, what platform should you choose out of many options available out there? Business means trade and trade means transactions. For online buyers, security is perhaps the prime factor that

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6 Tools Letting You Know What Google Knows Of You! – Part 2

In our earlier post, we discussed what Google knows of you and how you’d come to know what it knows of you. Simple is the way to discover what of you is in the know of Google. If you’ve accessed the URLs of those 4 tools and enjoyed the results, you may also try out

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4 Tools of Google Letting You Know What Google Knows of You! – Part 1

Google is much more than just a search engine giant. This is also home to many of your favorite products, such as Gmail, YouTube, and Chrome, just to name a few! In addition, Google also lines up a lot of many other products to help you keep tracking of your data. Many of them are

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How Many Types of Web Developers Do You Know?

  There are 4 most common types of web developers you may find around. Be part of a particular group of web developers, you may then get to know they have particular quirks or personalities which you can actually group together. That developers will be having their individual preferences and work-style (even though they are

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Detail Characteristics of PHP and ASP.NET Regarding Performance, Cost, Scalability and many more

In this changing era to meet the challenges and demand of the internet users the developers are working hard day and night. To make them support, the new scripting languages are always ready in the field, but which one to choose? This post is all about the same discussion. Here, I have chosen the two

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Know About Mobile Optimization Strategies

As the current trend is changing towards mobile search instead of desktop search, it is far important to make your site mobile friendly. Otherwise, you will be left far behind as Google has included the mobile suitability in the ranking algorithm. A Glance about Mobile Optimization A mobile optimization means a site’s better response on

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More SEO Guide for Designers in 2015

When I have carried out a conversation, I was quite stunt that most of the people cannot understand the relation between SEO and designers. Even some of them do not convey the essentiality of SEO. That is the reason I have prepared this SEO guide for designers with a hope that it should bring some

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Leading E-commerce Platforms to Choose

If you are about to launch an e-commerce store you must be confused with the numerous e-commerce platforms. At present, it is very difficult to point out which platform will be the best to fulfill your needs. I have reviewed the leading e-commerce sites and have placed the discussion. It may throw some light on

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What will you Chose between HTML and WordPress for Building your Website?

Whenever you are going structure a site, there are a lot of matters to be considered. There was a time when HTML coding is the base of a website. Later, the introduction of advanced platforms has changed the theory. There is no doubt that both HTML and WordPress have advantages as well as disadvantages. You

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Distinguish between Static and Dynamic Website

At present in the world of web site approach is far important as the first impression of a business or product is made by a website. There are two kinds of sites on the basis of inner structure. One is static and another is dynamic. In this post I have discussed the slight differences between

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Valuable Tips Before you Opt for Web Designing

If you have chosen the path of web designing, you must know of the facts that will make your work more effectual and fruitful. There are a lot of factors responsible to stand a better design. Here, I have discussed the few which are more worthy. Have a look. 1. There is No Proper Formula:

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Website Building Approach on Squarespace

If you are in the field of business and you have not launched your business site on the world of web, you will remain far behind form the competition of the up dated market. For the beginners or small entrepreneurs, the term sounds quite complicated. But if you are the owner of a small business

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Beginners User Guide for “All in One SEO”

All in one SEO pack is basically a word press plug-in which usually optimizes word press blog for search engines. Out of the many word press plug-ins it has proved more efficiency to frame s site fruitful for search engines. At present the number of downloads has increased above 15 millions, but only downloading and

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How to Optimize Your Magento Store?

The social sites have made it possible to advertise your e-commerce site to the millions at a glance. But according to a stat it is very clear that users prefer to visit an e-commerce site through Google search, then going through a preference of a social site. So, it is very necessary to make your

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