With Matt Cutts’ comment on duplicate content issue gone viral , a gung ho tribe of webmasters spilt over with joy. Now onward, there will be no apprehension about sanction for showing duplicate content on their webpages, sans spammy content. The head of Google Web Spam said that unless the content is keyword stuffed and projects any fear of web spamming, it will invite no wrath from their department. If it is, then their Panda algorithm is useless. Is it really?

I presume we should not take it literally. Instead, figure out the figurative activities of Google with relating to time to time introduction and rollout of algorithms. Do you know Google runs about 600 algos each year, and we are notified of very few of them? Making assumption about Google’s no-fiery attitude to any duplicate content must be a sure wrong stance for webmasters and it will beat down progress of their sites, insidiously and without giving them an iota of heads up.

It is very easy for Google to come up with a statement saying something is safe (e.g. duplicate content is no more an issue for ranking and bring in positive impacts), but as we know all the rules and algorithms could change at any time, so better stay safe. The rule of thumb, I would always advise the tribe of content developers to stay aloof from content duplication idea and marketing with them

Post updates of several other algorithms like the Penguin 2.0, the relevance of page ranking is on the wane. As replacement, content relevancy is upping its importance. The better the content and the more the content structure is user-friendly, the higher the chances of getting wider exposure in top search pages. Maybe, on the first page!

Content development people can regard or disregard the video statement. It is their sole discretion. But, what runs in my head behind is Google will have the final say about giving exposure to webpages. And, I have all doubts about this statement. In my opinion, this may be a ploy to bait and trap duplicate content masters and push back their site’s existences to the nadir of web.

Google will never show their interest in giving visibility to webpages containing duplicate contents. And, Google knows well which content is original and which content is duplicate. According to their discovery, rankings will be decided. “It is more about Google knowing which page they should rank and which page they should not.” This is why your ploy to confound spiders with duplicate contents will reflect on your digital marketing efforts negatively.

Google people even talk about duplicate content to be no harmful for optimization on mobile sites that serve the same content on different URL. If they are treated separately, both desktop and mobile URLs are shown in desktop search results, and their positions may be lower than they would otherwise be. So, yes, it is not yet the right time to conclude about duplicate content is immune to penalty. It might be true technically, as it came from the head of web spam of Google. As of now, practicing it could cause your search rankings to be lower. So, the true answer being ………. Duplicate content has to be kept out of context.