Fate of Facebook is now on your hand! Yes, now onwards, you can decide on various points, including whether Facebook be allowed to share data between its affiliates, Instagram being its major affiliate to date, or promote commercial ads via your personal profiles. Facebook fan page is reported to be showing such queries, where users can click on their preference. Feed it with like-or-dislike/yes-or-no, or else lose your voting right for ever as far as it’s concerned with Facebook.

Popular propensity of its 1 billion users for exercising suffrage usually falls below 30%, while the vast majority of them remains noncommittal to any earnest appeal to vote made on Facebook fan page. Suffrage is a democratic right, which many counties fought and still fight to gain. Given this right out here without a movement, a majority of them don’t even show respect to reject it also. Once appealed to vote and ignored to care, you will lose the voting right. Facebook is mulling over revoking the suffrage from those users who were once requested to vote in favor or against any move but ignored it as unimportant. Failing to vote would void their voting right for ever. In Zuckocracy, exercising vote in favor or against a move is mandatory for people.

Proposed changes on the chopping block, which Facebook referred to its fan page:

i.        Do you agree to let Facebook share your data between Facebook affiliates?

ii.        Is it right for Facebook to reserve power to decide who of its users will be able to send you private messages?

iii.        Does Facebook do it right by preventing users from using personal profiles for commercial gain?

Virtual voting machine started ticking since 12/03/12 and continued for full seven days, which fell on December 10 of 2012.

One of the instances of powerful voting rights in Zuckocracy can be observed in the removal of Sponsored Stories. It has proven that Facebook users have had their complaints heard and Facebook has obliged to the majority opinions (never less than 30% of the total users). As a result, users have got the dreaded Sponsored Stories deleted from the face of their most favorite social media platform.

What gains users can expect with killing of Sponsored Stories? It is true that Facebook loses half of its current 27 marketing ad flavors by sacrificing its Sponsored Stories in the interest of its users. At the same time, it has been able to ensure better user experience across its platform. Users will no longer be having any pesky and embarrassing advertisements posted on their profile without asking for their consent. This may spread a perception among their FB friend circle that they are promoting them, while they are not! Minus Sponsored Story; fear no more you may be encouraging your friends to purchase various detergent powders or hot blondes in their areas, etc.

Sacrificing this ad type process, Facebook is most likely to lose billions! Still, it has done it for the sake of its users. Committed to provide the best services at free of cost, it will promote no more blatant advertisement. How does it leave you swaying by Zuckocracy?

Dig into this blog post of Facebook to learn more on this update: http://bit.ly/192rb36