You should better know that a daily workout is good for health and its impact will be active for life-long. Have you ever tried for some regular efforts in case of digital marketing? Yes, there are few measures that can make your website active and healthy followed by more links and higher ranking.

Some daily common measures of digital marketing can prove an improved SEO. I have managed the time sharing of the total task and all these can be done less than two hours. Here are those special measures:-

  • Modernize one Old Article (Take 10 minutes)

In earlier 2007, Google had launched an algorithm update namely “query deserves freshness”. Simply it means SERP will show the results having recent publication dates. So, to make place at the top, do not get your content old, but keep them fresh and evergreen. This is the necessity to update or modify your content on a regular basis.

Now, Google has another measuring machine that is its knowledge graph. Through this program Google always shows the latest additions on the web.

To modify content on the regular basis, you must keep in mind the following factors.

1. Change the article title focusing the keyword.

2. Delete and add a new section or information in the content.

3. Make new links to other sites.

4. Delete a section from the article.

5. Change the wordings or view of conclusion.

6. Change the introduction.

7. Use social sharing buttons to gain more user activities.

This is the way to produce freshness and carry the same with the old contents.

  • Write and Publish One Fresh Article (Take an Hour almost)

Publishing of new and fresh content is the single way to attract more and more traffic. It has already been experienced that long form content helps higher ranking, but it is also time-consuming. Another thing is that content is not only a content, but it is the king. So, make sure that your content is resourceful, relevant and more focused.

In case of long formed content, it is possible to publish two or three in a week. So, it will be better to stress upon the quality rather than the length.

  • Post the Article Link in Social Media Platforms (Take 10 minutes)

Users are getting more social practically as well as on the web and content can get the widest range of popularity through these social channels. It is very clear that social metrics has a great impact over the search. Contents in the social platform will drive traffic to your site and more sharing will bring more traffic.

  • Relate to a Forum (Take 15 minutes)

There is a moral. Help others and you’ll get helped. Forums are the places where users have several queries. Do not try to use a forum as promotional platform, but you should join the discussions and place your responses with intelligence.

Basically, forums are the places where users are helped against their queries and helping them you can build a better reputation of your brand in a tricky way. In case of long tail queries, forums have high SERP. So, your presence and discussions will be active for a longer time.

  • Make Reply to Tweets, Google+ update, Facebook Post and LinkedIn Discussion. (take 15 minutes)

Social activities don’t only mean to post content in the social networking sites, but your like, sharing, retweet and plus one will engage other with your brand. Your frequent and regular interactions will build your reputation as well as for your brand. When you are sharing anyone else’s content, you are also under observation. Such people also like and share your content. Moreover, within less time and expenditure you can gain high return.

Conclusion: – So, these are all about the regular efforts to gain high visibility as well as ranking. At the initial stage some of your content may not work and get silted, but after a certain period you will surely feel the change. You’ll also be surprised to see that within less than two hour’s effort, how much you have gained?  This called as “less effort and high productivity”. Place your responses if there is any other daily basis effort to rank a site higher.