E-commerce is drawing the extent of web horizon longer. This is the platform where transactions against sales and purchases of goods and services are happening. Being internet savvy, we are well-conversant with the terms like B2B, B2C, and C2C. Google is now readying itself to intensify the momentum of influencing those characters involved in ecommerce. This time, Google is using its confidante, the Helpouts, a new avatar.

As usual, the number of internet users are increasing drastically. Expansion in the internet usage in the aftermath of the growing popularity of ecommerce has led new markets to emerge and opened up a huge marketplace where services and goods are being transacted like never before! People are connecting with other people in their lands and beyond their lands. In fact, internet marketplace has eliminated land boundaries or geographical areas.

Google Helpouts is introducing itself as a medium between people and people.

Here, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, and Consumer to Consumer relationship is being bridged up.

Through this Google Helpouts marketplace, people are connecting to experts who can help them on things like how to fix Windows Problems, or how to make up professionally and care skin, and the likes. People like you will get expert advices on various topics. On special days, special featured topics will be live. For instance, “Thankful for Thanksgiving” is today’s topic (November 27). Sharing expert advices is allowable, but those potential experts have first to sign up and make the environment more competitive.

The way it works: Topics are abundant in number on the marketplace. Searchers try to dig out the topic on which they require expert advice. Google Helpouts come here as a connector between Helpouts contributors or experts and the searchers as they are called on the site to set up a one-on-one Google Plus Hangout session. Experts decide their charges for providing consultations to the users and the charge for advice has to be decided before they are allowed to join the marketplace.

Money-back Guarantee offer: Unless you are satisfied, you may request charge-back. Google will provide the refund as per their terms and conditions. Android Smartphone users can buy expert advice too on topics like something on fitness and nutrition, home and garden, etc. but they will require close-up shots.

How Google will benefit? As of now, Google will charge at the rate of 20% fees of the whole session from the transaction fees for allowing expert and user use its platform. Google has kept out healthcare Helpouts of the purview of taking this charge. However, the pricing structure is still not final.

So, does Google Helpouts make a dent in the world of free instructional video guide for anything? Yes, it does. In fact, the ball has started to roll. If you want to learn some areas on Photoshop, you are now free to see it on video. With its arrival, paid service will be available on requirement. I doubt if it will gravitate users towards it, especially the younger users!

Regarding the eligibility of asking for Google Helpouts service, you have to be at least 13 years old, while providers or experts have to be at least 18 years old. The potential for a major one-on-one online video marketplace is really intriguing!

How are the users feeling of its service now? Lots of demos are live now, such as how to prepare a dinner, etc. Sharing screen with the expert by the user is allowable and at the end of the session, user can give feedback to the expert. Delay by an expert to appear for the session by 5 minutes will make the session absolutely free. If the user is dissatisfied, full refund will be made.

Google Helpouts has competitors like Popexpert and Maestro Market, who provide similar services. However, Google is bringing a new visibility and relevance to this service area. For instance, if a person is on a video chat with bad lighting, Hangouts will automatically adjust the contrast and saturation to make the subject more visible. Such a kind of feature will definitely be very much competitive in future Helpouts session.