You may have practiced regular blog updates or other methods to generate links and more traffic to your site. Have you ever launched an infographic on the social sites? Basically an infographic is equal to thousands of blog-post regarding outcome. A well-defined as well as designed infographic forces a user to think emotionally. That is the reason infographics are the best platforms to attract links and social shares. The visitors will always like an infographics as it contains a storyline. If you are eager to attract more links and visitors to your business spot, try this.

  • Be Practical

If you are selling shoes, don’t engage your infographics within the product. Try to find the relevant matters with the society, so that after discovering the same people will be eager to achieve them. So, you have to think practically and laterally, but not literally.

You can include different color shoes, seasonal affects resistivity and other qualities of your shoes with different topics and color variation.

While structuring the infographics, always try to include a storyline. People will be more interested and attracted by such measures. The term infographics defines that it is a display of image along with some information. So, an appreciable and demanding infographic must include the both.

  • Infographics should be Linked with Content

There was a time when web developers used to think that an infographics is enough to get more publicity and user’s response. But now the strategy has been changed.

An effective campaign for infographics is to request or offer other webmasters to forecast the infographics, but how they can mention only a graphics or image without any description. It will better to place the infographic along with a short description or content. Now you can offer the webmasters to mention link on the pages of their website for reference.

  • Try to Reach across Blogging

You must place infographics in the blog section of your site and many people observe it. Along with this you must find other sites who will be interested to share your infographics that should reach to a wider number of people. To start the campaign you must have a look on the following:-

  1. Make a search of relevant sites and make a list of them.
  2. Contact the webmaster personally if they want to check your infographics.
  3. If they reply positively, place a better introduction and an appreciable landing page.
  4. Later check if the operation has been done or not.
  5. If done you must share the same on the social networking channels.
  • Use the Content Placement for Future Base

Once you have placed the infographics do not forget to enlarge it. I mean you may have tweet and share once then have left. Make new Facebook and Twitter campaigns to promote the placement. More site owners will be attracted on seeing the strategy and they will be eager to be linked with you. So, the linking channel will get a better exposure.

Though Google does not prefer such link building strategy, it is a better way to improve visibility without any potential link. Google determines that link building should be dependent upon site resources, but you are getting such benefits without any risk, why should not you follow up this?

Try the measures and launch a better campaign for enhanced visibility. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.