With authorship markup being made mandatory, that future market will be predominantly governed by the Google Plus is almost a sure forethought. More and more number of webmasters will rush to build their Google Plus page in the run up to the time when Google invalidates their presence on its search results pages. This is why so much hoopla is being noticed among the webmasters these days around a frenzied environment of webmasters to create business pages on Google+ page, similar to the way they’ve focused into business page creation on Facebook.

So, it is now your test how interactive and attractive a Google page you are creating.

Here are the ways, which you may look into.

First, go to the https://plus.google.com/pages/create page. It is the gateway page to create a Google Plus page.






Second, click on the Pick Category from among “Local Business or Place”, “Product or Brand”, “Arts, Entertainment or Sports”, and “Other.” Choose the best one from them which can represent your business in its best way.











Third, now follow the steps in the successive screens and fill out them with the information of your business to create page.

Fourth, you can now post content on your business page. To do it, share links, photos, videos, and text with people whom you may custom-choose to your likes. Ensure weekly updates are being made on regular course. This will help you to keep people engaged. Not posting or sharing stories for long time may reflects negatively to your business. It may even make people severe away from you!












Again, posting or sharing too many updates can also make people severe away from you. So, it is the type of your business which will decide how often you should post or share updates. Take an example of a technology website, which ought to post updates whenever new information comes in or something is required to inform. Fix it by depending upon the user feedback and customer expectations.

Fifth, increase the number of people in your circles. In order to do it, you need to encourage fans and clients to subscribe to your updates, which they can do by adding the Google Plus page of your business to their circles.

Here are some points which you should keep in mind.

Express professionally on the Google Plus business page in order to represent your business in manner and fashion.

Use official business logo or promotional image as the profile picture.

Create such business page on other social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. to the extent you can maintain well. Remember that you don’t require to be active across all of these websites. This is why make your presence exactly to the extent possible. It is better to not have a presence than to have an inactive page.

Make sure you check your personal Google+ profile in case you have one such. Update it regularly with your organization’s updates and link them by subscription.