Are you ready for new age digital marketing? If not yet, you’re already late to reorient with the age of mobile and voice search marketing protocols. Mobile and voice search are remolding the protocols of SEO and Google is taking to ‘direct queries’ more favorably. Get ready to adopt with them.

Let’s know what changes are there likely to unsettle your conventional marketing methods and how you can keep your head up of the unsettling current.

Mobilegeddon has already been served up to you and when its steps are still banging on ears, another big man on campus is introduced – AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Both are instructions for webmasters to prepare their websites optimally mobile-friendly or just ready to perish.

In response to the latest search trends, it has been found out that more than 56 percent of adults are using voice search while it has been counted 55 percent among teenagers. It stands clear that majority of searchers are inclining to voice search.

voice search

Simply put, why type when you can talk?

Speaking is much easier than typing. Rather than typing out what you have to say, Generation Z and millennial are liking Siri, Google Now and Cortana to ask away instead. This change in search type is creating a kind of flutter in the world of search engine optimization. But, I would rather ask you if it really poses a reason to create a flutter?

Check out why it SHOULDN’T pose a reason to create a flutter in the world of SEO?

  •     If you are implementing Long-tail keywords, it doesn’t.
  •     If you are using FAQ strategy, it doesn’t.
  •     If you are writing content in natural vein or in conversational style, it doesn’t at all.

Solutions for New Age SEO 2016:

  • Instead of using very specific keywords like those of the past, begin targeting long-tail keywords. Voice searchers tend to put long queries to search engines.
  • While searching for a solution or answer from search engines, searchers are likely to ask with W/H words. So, start using FAQ strategy all through your content marketing strategy. Are you ready to use it in your website pages, blog and social media posts?
  • There is another reason to go tizzy if you’re not writing content in conversational style. Use content everywhere in styles as if you are speaking rather writing. Your brand should speak languages of searchers originating from voice search.

Google has not yet issued warrants against websites being not voice search friendly. Still, it will be pragmatic practice for digital marketing professionals if they are aiming to win in 2016 to incorporate voice search strategies for ‘typers’ and talkers, alike.