Google does everything worthy whatsoever. In the latest instance of algo update, Google made no different thing. As revealed in Matt Cutts’ video, Penguin 2.0 is said to be a major blow on Google rankings for a vast lot of sites, which could amount to 2.3% of English-US queries.

Also confirmed that scope of this ‘updated algorithm’ stretches across all languages, thereby enabling Google broom out spammy contents exhaustively. If intention to give users a good search experience is being interpreted as doing something pointless, then I’ve all praises for Google to be absolutely right on its stand.

‘Why does bread always fall buttered side down?’ Never think like this way. By running invasive surveillance tactics and propaganda, Google is indeed helping you! Bad and unworthy sites tend to dip and vanish against the algo crack-down, while the qualified ones which still show poor performances will surely start making the cut!

As a result, genuine online commerce and exchange would come into reality. Both traders and users would be benefited browsing Google, with the purpose to dig out precise service and information. Catering useful services is on the top-most priority list of this front-running search engine. So, if its determination is laid bare like this way, why should there be an iota of confusion among people thriving on Google platform?

‘Where there is muck there is brass.’ No doubt hundreds of sites have suffered the blows of algo update, causing their site down to the nadir. Feel lucky as silver line is still blinking for you. Send your reconsideration request to Google to allow Google know you how you can recover your position.

Most likely, chances are there you may be recommended to try out Google disavow tool. Clean up the unnatural links pointing to your site as you will have a list of them once you get your site checked through this tool.

Then, you may likely be asked to focus on using ‘original contents’ on your site pages,having good video’s,adding info-graphics,pdf,doc’s, sites internal access features and few hundreds.Given the guidelines and intentions disclosed so plainly, you may now very rightly consider checking out whether your site has been collaborating with Google guidelines or not. Rectify if anything is found as erratic.

Steer clear of practicing black hat SEO techniques, link spamming, sponsored advertorials, etc. Google has given heads-up to webmasters in a very plain word as NO to them, if a site is really intended to allow stay on its search results pages. Remove them out of your site once they are identified.

Texture of its algorithm is so well-woven that only qualified sites can get through. And, get blacklisted when you practice black! Is Google then doing anything pointless by intending to weed out trash contents through running such a foolproof algorithm?

If you have done anything wrong,seeing the ranking,traffic drop, analyse your website & follow the method..still you can get a recovery from penguin 2.0..if you do it correctly!