That something was not good about Google’s intentions towards SEO became clear with rollouts of Panda and Penguin in their closest footing. The bell for pulling out the rope of gallows seems to have finally been rung! From the end of a cul-de-sac comes a glimmer of hope, with OAO beaming out!

Online Audience Optimization stands for OAO!
Combined with art and science of creative web pages, SEO did also beam, shower success and rule, to drive traffic and enhance rankings in the search engines. Who doesn’t know, it thrived on keyword optimization, link building, enhancement of page ranks, creation of well-structured web pages, in order to hypnotize the Search Engines & mesmerize Audience! Yes, it got through and brought pearls for business too. Did they satisfy their users? I’m talking about SEO people, obviously.

For publishers, they used keyword-stuffed contents to optimize pages for search. Most often, these contents look to be below the category of low-taste doggerels, you know. People detest them, I also hate them – they have all those base elements into them contrary to the credible elements of journalism. This is harmful for literature. By practicing all spammy tactics, SEO people have, indeed, been able to cast a sleazy pall over the whole world of SEO – created by hard-efforts of many brilliant people once with all honest intentions.

Greed and unwise planning of a section of SEO dolts mired the mission and vision of honest SEO people. Together with those came regular hammering of Google. Had wrong practices not been out there rampantly, Google might not dared to hammer so often. Nor could it target SEO only.

Anyway, your game is over. Now, “chess play” is about to begin with Online Audience Optimization.

OAO will combine many techniques which content publishers use to mount over hundreds of sales sites, catalogue sites, sites that live through dark and shady SEO practices, generating cheap clicks which cause unwary web browsers to swim up to their pages in flocks!

With OAO knocking on the door to enter, content publishers will be able to leverage their greatest assets, which is their wealth of high-quality content. Doing so will help their sites create a consistent web-presence and draw in new and repeat visitors consistently. It will use the best practices of SEO and platform, such as social media, engagement mechanism, branding, and content sharing, with a view to build and optimize loyal and targeted audiences for online content publishers.

Here are some more tips to be borne in mind and can be started forthwith.

1. Focus on brand and remain true about customer satisfaction

2. Engage your customers into discussion

3. Hold out a serious and practical outlook of your business

4. Encourage your visitors or customers to participate in honest activity

5. Share data sheets, newsletter, etc.

6. Encourage them to subscribe to your content publications and fill out forms

7. Employ intense engagement mechanics and gamification techniques

8. Use the latest mobile technologies

9. Avoid becoming obsessive about keywords

10. Avoid becoming too much focused on meta-tagging

Welcome effective use of media strategies and insist more and more on building better relationship with your audiences. Let’s see what Google Zebra put out from its store.