Google is about to shut down FREEBASE, the large collaborative knowledge database and the treasures will be transferred to WIKIDATA, a Wikimedia foundation’s project. Actually, FREEBASE was an ultimate archive of millions of topics, types and properties which were also linked to other related topics. It is hoped that the shutting down of FREEBASE and the data transfer to WIKIDATA will enhance the Google Knowledge Graph instantly. The developers, who usually used to retrieve and update data in FREEBASE, can still do the same in WIKIDATA, having their own APIs.


There is a timeline, proposed to implement the operations like-

  •  Within March 2015, Google will launch a WIKIDATA import review tool and announce a transition plan for the FREEBASE search API.
  •  They will also suggest for a widget to a knowledge Graph based Solution.
  •  Onwards 31st March 2015, FREEBASE will be only a read only service without allowing any kind of editing or updating

On June 30, 2015 the procedure will be finalized through shutting down of FREEBASE and the respective APIs.However, each and every migration in the world has created difficulties for the people related to it since the beginning. So, it is uncertain how effective the same will be for the developers while retrieving or updating data and how much energy it will boost to Google Knowledge Graph.