Already acquainted with the updated features of Facebook, now is an attempt to introduce with those of Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Let’s start with Twitter.

Twitter has included many a features, which express their intentions very clearly. All of the lately included features will directly or indirectly be having commercial impacts. Consider an example of individually targeted ads campaigns using cookies from twitter users’ visited sites. Brands and products related advertising campaigns will be promoted to the twitter users, resulting in wider exposure achievement for the advertising brands and business products and services.

As importance of local internet marketing is on the rise and as even global ecommerce giant stores are concentrating in local-based merchandising (check Amazon store’s latest focus on Indian market and its priority), twitter has introduced more than 160 vital locations into its Trends. This is a great opportunity for businesses as they can expand their business territory more and more via twitter. Business exposure to locations can be as if tailor-made in accordance with location-based interests and trends. Narrowing down to the chosen location of a business instead of viewing the worldwide trends comes to be possible in the wake of addition of more than 160 locations in twitter Trends feature. Some of mention-able locations are Greece, Poland, Portugal, Belgium and Norway.

Keyword Targeting: With a view to assist brands, businesses and others, twitter has added keyword targeting feature. This helps advertisers reach out to maximum prospects. It works in a way to match between the tweets and the set keywords. Consider an example, where someone tweets about local SEO or tweets his or her interests in it, most likely the person may be driven to see your ad in their twitter timeline (of course, when you practices local SEO).

Business Twitter: 140-character has enormous power to clout over. By launching business twitter website , an exciting feature addition, twitter has proved it. It aims to help both, those who are new to the online business world and also those who are already well-known and established, grow and multiply their audiences. Amazing tools and resources are provided here in this feature for businesses to use in order to ensure that they follow the best practices while growing their audiences.

TV Ads: A twitter blog  said that targeting TV ads would be possible. Consider a scene where you run ads on YouTube. Twitter synchronizes YouTube ads and keeping tab on their viewers’ behavior via twitter. This feature simplifies measuring and calculating ROI of running ads and helps amplify business.

YouTube: YouTube introduced One Channel Design, enabling campaigners focus on three display platforms with different resolutions, namely desktop, mobile and televisions. It is great and exciting branding tool for businesses. The new layout provides you with ability to brand your products with the display image that translates well on various platforms and also the ability to display a featured video for new visitors who are not subscribed to your channel. As first impressions are very important to promote a brand strongly, making of 30 to 60 second commercial-styled video pinpointing the key features of your brand will be precisely successful attempts.

LinkedIn: Mention contacts in your posts now. Does it surprise you? Finding a similarity with Facebook? Not erring at all, LinkedIn is now allowing you to easily connect with people of your choice and easily get them engaged to your activity. To do it, select the name you want to connect, finish writing your message and publish the post. All mentioned or selected persons will get notifications of your post.

LinkedIn Contacts: All the contacts have been brought into one place, making it easier for you to stay up-to-date with everyone in your circle. Receive alerts, know important occasions etc.

Release of update Google Plus layout: Few of the features of this layout are bigger image displays. They are meant to translate to various platforms, such as mobile, desktop and television. More than them are included a more streamlined look, a tab for local reviews, and separated sections to add information, such as descriptions, links and contact information.

Every place information linked to G+: Link your locations to Google Plus profile, enabling people view and browse your location and business profile. You can share videos, photos, hangouts, posts, etc. Using and managing Google Offers and AdWords will be easier.

So long people’s interests in social media persist, social media will keep on changing and adding features in line with their psychological and preferential transformation. Significantly, advanced technologies will be helping them adapt with changed situations, societal settings, trends and mindsets of their users. Let’s keep our fingers crossed to welcome more so changes, connecting us to the world more conveniently.