Social media is fast changing its features and services. So do Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. Many of their old features are getting deleted while new ones are being added. Everything is taking place to match new technology trends and users’ psychological proclivities. These new changes and entries can be exciting and overwhelming for all of us.

Anyway, post introduction of these all-new incarnations and refurbished features, how are they changing the ways of us and also of businesses? Are they opening up newer vistas of advantages for us or simply forcing us to face newer challenges? Here are those glimpses of new changes and trends, on which focusing will allow you learn them.

a) #- Hashtags: Hashtag has been as if the proprietary right of so far. Now, this feature which is used to link a word or phrase to its vast landscape of search has been added to Facebook. By tagging a word with #, search-ability of a word or phrase increases to its full-scale across a specific platform. An instance of # tagging could be like #localSEOcompany. In tagging such a phrase with #, its visibility on search ups, as whenever someone searches for a local SEO company service, stream of related posts will start cropping up.

b) Verified user profile: A blue tick can change many things of a profile. In twitter, for example, profiles with this sign indicate theirs have higher weight-age and respect than profiles with no such sign. Search-ability increases. So does the visibility. Facebook introduced this feature to especially let all common users easily identify with the public personalities such as celebrities, brands, government officials, etc. Anyway, eligibility of having a verified page and the ubiquitous blue tick is dependent on how well the user is known across the world and the web and if the user has substantial number of followers. Striking benefit of this feature is users will be able to comb out fake pages from the legit ones and follow their favorite personalities, brands and places.

c) Graph Search: It is the latest search function included into Facebook. Graph Search aims to help fans and buyers find their favorite people and brands on the fly and exactly, and, of course, specific to their interests and likes. This search function has been predicted, even at its very nascent stage, to be almost a similar search platform like Google, Bing, etc.

d) Promoted Page Likes: Business profiles are burgeoning across Facebook as the number of personal profiles. To get them promoted to their full brim of expectations, counts of the omnipotent ‘Likes’ have to be countless (we can’t ascertain how many Likes that a Facebook profile accumulates could be necessary for their full optimization). With introducing this ad-driven feature (find it on the admin view of Facebook page), Facebook intended to help their users reach out to their desirable numbers of buyers and fans. For it, fix a budget according to your affordability and let your page be driven to the vaster world of Facebook through its own advertising channel.

e) Replies on the Page: More interactive and conversational Facebook tends to become. ‘Reply to a specific comment’ is that feature which Facebook, the largest social media platform having 1.11 billion of users, added. Now, have a comment replied directly to in a specific circle only. A nested comment-reply (one-on-one interaction in a loop) must improve quality of conversation what Facebook has likely ensured.

f) Ads Manager: Advertising campaigns get stronger boost and chances are, businesses can achieve their ROI in quicker pace. The prime function of this update is to let businesses find clearer representation of the goals they fix versus the interactions that take place with their ads (impressions, likes, etc.).

Keep following us what new features other social media players have introduced onto their matrix of versatile services.