Each and every thought is continuously rolling and it is the world of web, so the marketers and developers are always in search of some exceptional techniques to make the best use of their effort and that is the utmost optimization of a website. Link building has remained one of the key reasons of exposure and popularity on the web as well as a ranking factor and for the same reason SEO and marketers have special weakness over the same. There was a time when site owners and SEO searched for how make efficient link building? Now the search term has slightly changed. What are the advanced techniques of link building?

After so much new techniques have been tested by the developers and SEOs with link building, we have a question arising at present. Is there anything new about the same? Is there any dynamic changes found recently in case of link building? I have framed this article to find the definition of the above questions. You should go through the article for an authentic determination regarding advanced link building strategies.

  • Core Principles are the Same: – Google has launched Penguin in earlier 2012 to manage the guideline for the website owners in case of link building. There were certain changes to avoid spammy links, but the core principals have remained the same.

i. It’s All about the Asset: – Why people should tell about you or why they care for you? It is all about the resources of your website. If your website has something valuable then user starts caring for you. As they care for you there will be more sharing of your content and mention of your link on the other relevant sites.

ii. Proper Placement to the Right Audience :- It is not enough that you have launched some quality content or other resources, if you cannot place those in front of the targeted or potential audience, there will be no achievement in case of link building. There is no doubt that it is the matter of a great time, but you have to involve in the process of targeting the right audience. When there will be certain outcome after placing quality content, your goals will be there.

  • When you can guarantee for some traffic and outbound links after launching content
  • A strong relationship with other websites that can help you building outbound links.

iii. Avoid Scalable Links: – Google has launched penguin to stop scalable link building and if you are using such traditional tactics be ready to experience a penalty from Google. This may also attract spammy links those are quite enough to lose your quality. In spite of these if you are practicing such, just be careful about Google guidelines.

iv. Be Patient: – Though it is matter of great time as I have said earlier to achieve assurance of certain traffic and outer links after placing quality content, you have to be consistent in the process. The only thing should work in your mind that you can do better for the next content.

  • The Practical Scenario: – Since Penguin has started working we have experienced some changes beside the core principals of link building. Moreover, these changes are experienced due to the changes in link signals and introduction of something new. These fewer changes have forced us to consider and practice link building strategies quite differently.
  • Initial Strategies for Link Building has been Changed :-  In this concern I have to thank Google as for the algorithm update of Penguin website owners have clearly understood that there is no outcome of spammy or low quality links except penalty from Google. There was a time when spammy links are used by some SEOs to achieve effectiveness of link building, but it is very evident that there will be no sustainable improvement through the basis of such spammy links.

Nowadays, the clients have clearly understood the fact and I have discovered few of them highly irritated with fake tactics of link building. So, what is the way? It is only the valuable resources of your website that can attract traffic and outbound links. So, try to place quality content and forget about the spammy links. Here is the snap that will convey the change. 

So, the emerging importance of content marketing is the remarkable change. If you are eager to use the ancient tactics of spammy links you have to be genius to overcome Google’s surveillance. It is very clear that the easiest ways of link building has been taken away by the industry toppers and the least methods should have to be incorporated in a better way.

  • New Link Signals have been Launched: – Both in case of link building and content marketing several new margins have been launched by Google. The key tone is the same. Site owners should only make efforts to make the pages more and more resourceful. At the earlier 2011, with the incorporation of Google panda, it has been cleared that the search engine is only worried for the quality of the pages.

With the implementation of Panda site owners have experienced far beyond of a machine language. Moreover it is the recourses of your website that will attract links. It is all about the user’s satisfaction.

Suppose you are running an ecommerce site. If a user is satisfied with the purchase there will surely be a reference for the other buyers familiar to the respective user.

i. Have you incorporated a proper payment channel?

ii. Does your product have sufficient description for user’s consideration?

iii. Are all the pages having sufficient content for a better presentation?

All this fewer signals have become indispensable for link building as well as for attention from other relevant sites. Moreover in case of link building user data experience and advanced machine learning is the key change that has been found in recent years.

Machine learning has changed its pattern. There was a time when link signals are the key measures of ranking, but now it is the time for user’s signals. It is very true that to establish user’s signal you need much effort. At the same place link building is far easy, but there is no outcome of the same at present. According to a survey only 1% spammers are available to rank at the top using link signals. So, it will be better to go with efficient content marketing and user’s signal rather than spammy link building.

Another has come with social signals. At present it can be said undoubtedly that social media is the best platform to establish a better exposure. So, if you need more and more traffic to your site, you have to use such platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Google is in search of user interaction, so if people can get you through social channel there will be a matter of reliability that will result into better exposure and link building.

  • Existing Link Signals have been Changed: – Some changes in the existing signal are highly remarkable. Here are the few that have experienced the changes:-

i. Anchor Text: – Google has not yet implemented any measure to determine between a product and a branded query. So, there is a great importance of anchor links that tell Google about a respective product or brand details from a site. Commercial anchor texts are far necessary as a ranking signal, but Google is shutting down the feature slowly. Though Google has not announced that commercial anchor links is still important or not, SEOs and site owners are still dependent upon it.

ii. High Level Link Metrics: – At an earlier time it was thought that deep links are less effective to grab attention, but now the scenario is different. It is not about the importance of domain level links or deep links, those are the additional links that support Google.

  • What Google Thinks: – Google is using several tricks to stop link scaling through various updates, but practically according to my consideration there is no particular team engaged to specify a link either it is good or bad. Google has found the site owners as well as the users to do the job. We have already experienced that several algorithm updates have made least impact in several issues, so, it may be funny to say that Google is adopting diverse tricks to scare the site owners that they remain far from the evil practices of link building

Conclusion: – So, these are all about the changes i.e. ups and downs of link building. Google has its own agenda and SEOs have their own techniques. Moreover, it has to be found that how much importance has been achieved by link building as a ranking factor after the changes have occurred. Do not forget to place your valuable comments as they are far necessary to make this article more resourceful and compact. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.