The very first word that comes out of my mouth when a new client approaches me for developing and marketing their site is “goals”. Even before I begin to contemplate your project, map requirements in my head, or provide a quote, I need to understand business goals of my clients. It means you need to gauge your business too.

You may ask me: does it really make a big difference? Yes, it does, because I want to engage with you if I can help you and help make your project a success. In order to determine whether this will be possible, I try to understand what success means to you. Most frustratingly, majority of small businesses I’ve spoken so far have not thought this far ahead. Many often, it happens that they are aware their websites have issues and web promotions might face challenges due to them, but they don’t have a good feel for expectations.

A search engine marketing campaign is a huge effort to be put into. So, unless a necessary assessment is done and project scope is defined, providing feedback on budget and timing could just be a difficult task for any website developer and SEM consultant.

Set goals and objectives for the marketing. A guide is here.

Revenue: To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this goal, because simply saying, everyone will be wanting it to be broader and bigger. Anyway, there are many ways to increase it and accomplish it . What would be the foremost requirement to achieve it is focus on tasks that will deliver tangible results. Focus should be on navigation changes, target market areas and filtering content and providing clear call-to-actions.

Branding: Among these two goals, I’d definitely prefer branding to be finer goal for internet marketing campaign. However, this is one of the biggest worrisome goals to all sizes of companies. Ironically, most of the small companies pay little attention to this goal until they encounter a specific issue troubling their marketing campaign. I would recommend personal branding, corporate branding, and branding of your product or service. As the web world offers lots of opportunities for this purpose, small businesses can make the most out of those offers into branding their own business. Set your branding goal in a way so you can measure, track, and quantify. Tread into social media marketing channels and encourage genuine, weighty and relevant-only inbound links to your website.

Lead Generation: I use a CRM technology to track source of the leads on behalf of may value clients. Doing this way, I can tell them exactly how many leads they got from the Internet and their close rate also. Once we put through them in sales funnel, we get inspired to increase upon the current number of leads and thus can help a company thrive almost five times greater in just two years.

The key to building strong web presence and functionally robust website is how you define your goal and leverage navigation around what you’d like your website visitor to do upon arrival. Goal may be one or two or more, but ensure set it right away you begin your online business endeavour.