Nowadays, the digital platform plays a significant role in every aspect of a business. Starting from marketing and promotion to sales and advertising all is done with the help of the digital platform. With such growing importance of the digital podium, businesses have now become highly dependent on the use of the online network for every sort of their business development tasks. In such competitive digital marketing era, it is important for the businesses to strategize a marketing process that effectively engages customers into the website. Such kind of expert strategizing often requires the assistance of the digital marketing professionals as they know the right method of optimization for generating traffic into the website. These days, there are many well-known SEO consulting companies, which provide highly competent website optimization services that help enhance the organic ranking of the website on the top SERP results as well as drive more traffic enabling the business to generate more leads and sales.

WordPress 2017

In the process of SEO optimization, content management plays a crucial role. Content plays the key role in driving traffic to the website. So, an effective content management system is the prerequisite for acquiring better website traffic on the digital platform. Today, the most trending content management system used by the expert SEO professionals is WordPress. WordPress is one of the leading content management systems in the digital platform. It started off merely as a blogging platform but now has become the widely used content management system. In the recent times, the search engines are witnessing a lot many updates. In such rapid state of updates and changes, WordPress is also witnessing new changes that are enhancing its features and widening its usability.

Let’s look at some of the most trending WordPress developments to look out for in 2017.


  • Mobile-Friendly WordPress Themes


Nowadays, due to the growing importance of mobile devices, it has become necessary for the content management systems to be user-specific. The wide utilization of smartphones and iPhones emphasizes the need for mobile-friendly themes that make the use of the content more user-specific. Considering the growing concern about user-specific contents, WordPress has introduced mobile-friendly themes in 2017. This mobile-friendly theme enables an individual to access and operate this content management system on the mobile devices and also makes the contents more mobile-friendly, which in turn increases the potential for the content to be used on various platforms.


  • Single-Page Representation


It is not the time for one-page websites to become the cynosure to everyone. Entrepreneurs, developers, businessperson all are aware of the fact that this type of structure is viable to their websites. This style has been preferred by everyone till now and the same will be continued in the coming years. This kind of structure is adopted to attract the user attention, instantly.


  • Encryptions and HTTPS


It is often seen that people remain worried about the security factors when using WordPress. WordPress being an open source platform increases the probability of infringement into the website. To stop these issues and to add an extra layer of security, WordPress has recently moved ahead to make its site secured with HTTPS encryptions.

Even the self-hosted WordPress sites are utilizing HTTPS to make the site secure from any kind of external infringement. This is perhaps the topmost positive steps taken by WordPress in the year 2017.




  • Introduced VP-Optimized Themes


The most innovative development introduced by WordPress in 2017 is of the VP-optimized themes. These kinds of themes will introduce a 3D effect on the websites. So, you may be watching this aspect of virtual reality installed in the WordPress website soon.


  • The Introduction of Parallax Effect


The Parallax effect is one of the most trending web designing tools, in the present times. It is the top trending part of web development services. This kind of effect introduces multiple backgrounds that create a 3D effect and offers an interesting browsing experience.


  • SaaS WordPress Plugins


Plugins are central to WordPress. Plugins enable you to install new functionality to the site and at the same time helps enhance the usability of your site. Already, there are more than 45,000 plugins and every year new ones are added. The introduction of SaaS (Software as a Service) plugins has increased the flexibility of the site. This is one of the cost-effective plugins that helps the site become more user-friendly. The introduction of SaaS is one of the major developments made by WordPress.


  • Drag and Drop Content


Drag and Drop is a new layout introduced by WordPress. This feature enables the developers to adjust the appearance of the content as per their wish regardless of the theme. Drag and Drop feature offers flexibility in content representation and allows developers to have full control over the site’s outlook and appearance. This feature also enables you to add a widget in the menu of the web page and place the content accordingly keeping the optimization in mind.

These are some of the most trending WordPress developments that you are going to witness in 2017. All these emerging WordPress features have their own dimension of usability. The main aim of introducing all these WordPress developments is to enhance the site’s performance and make it work much smoother.