Nowadays, the digital platform plays a crucial role in the marketing and promotion of a business. Using the digital method of marketing and communication, organizations achieve greater number of leads and sales for the business. Also, marketing and promotion on the digital platform help create a strong brand identity. The effective role played by the digital platform has emphasized the importance of various digital marketing techniques. Search engine optimization is one of the key elements of effective marketing and promotion on the digital platform. Different kinds of SEO strategies are used to improve the organic ranking of the website on the top SERP results. One of the most effective SEO methods used by the businesses is link building. This is a very useful tactic that helps to bring the website organic ranking on the top SERP results. Link building enables a business to achieve a better position in the top SERP results in a much shorter period of time.

Optimizing a website is a very tricky task, which requires the assistance from the expert professionals. The topmost SEO companies in India offer such competent website optimization services that help a business to strategically achieve a higher ranking on the top SERP results and at the same time gain an effective brand reputation on the digital platform.

In the process of implementing a strategic search engine optimization, link building plays a significant role. Link building is basically a process of getting external pages link to the pages of your website. This tactic is one of the most effective optimization strategies used for the better ranking of the website.

While there are many factors that play a crucial role at the time of link building, the below-mentioned points are the  top 7 resolutions made for link building in the year 2017.

Link Building Resolutions

1). Building Strong Backlink Profile

Backlink creation is the most important part of link building. It is one of the major metrics used to increase the organic ranking of the website. Generally, a web page having a lot many backlinks tend to rank higher on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The backlinks created for a web page has to be contextual or relative to the products or services of the website. Creating a lot many backlinks helps a website to rank higher in the top SERP results, which in turn helps to generate more lead and sales for the business.

2). Keep a Track of the Competitors

One of the major ways to acquire good results in the digital marketing field is to keep a track of the competitors work. Having knowledge about what others in the same field are doing makes you remain up to date with the latest trends of the industry and also make you aware of the tactics or processes used for the optimization of the website in a better manner. Also, this enables you to acquire an idea about the various link building methods and processes used by the other competitor websites. Thus, keeping a track of the competitors work is very important for strategizing a unique and effective link building technique.

3). Use the Paid Media to Draw Traffic

Using the paid form of media for the promotion of a web page can be very effective. Paid media can be competently utilized in conjunction with the link building efforts. Using the paid media to organically rank some keywords is no harm.

4). Concrete Research has to be Made before Creating Any Content

For creating a unique content, adequate research has to be made. Conducting a thorough research before creating content is essential to make the content relevant for the audience. Proper research on the topic makes the content unique that in turn helps the better promotion of the website and creates more effective links.

5). Create Genuine Relationships with Customers through Various Social Media Channels

Creating and connecting with your customers is essential to improve the organic ranking of the website. Interacting genuinely with people across various platforms helps in link building many times. You might get an up vote or a mention on any social media channel that might be very helpful to the increase the links of your website and rank it in the top SERP results.

6). Use Strategic Approach to Promote Your Content

Promotion of content on the digital platform has to be done strategically. Selecting the most strategic way to approach people for promoting content is very important. People might feel offended if you directly ask them to like their content. So, the method or way of approaching people to like their content is very essential.

7). Take a Note about the Capacity of Your Risk Tolerance

Knowing the amount of the risk you can take to build link for your website is essential. But, it is mostly recommended that if any method violets the Google webmaster guidelines then do not get involved in that practice. Link building may provide you a better organic ranking but getting indulged in wrong link building practices can even spoil the minimum chances of coming into the rank and obtain a better traffic on the website.