Today, with the world witnessing a fast technological growth, the digital platform has become an essential place to reach out to potential customers, effectively, in a shorter period of time. In this present era, digital marketing has come up as a competent alternative to the traditional marketing system. Using the digital platform for the promotion and marketing of a business facilitates effective reachability to the potential customers in a much convenient and shorter span of time. The well-known SEO companies In India provide the most effective digital marketing services to the people that enable organizations to acquire a better ranking on the top SERP results. Having a good ranking on the top SERP results makes the website visible on the top searches that in turn generate more leads and sales for the business.

The search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., play a significant role in the marketing and promotion of a business on the digital platform. The importance of the search engines on the digital plethora has made us take a short glimpse into the most popular type of searches on the top search engines like Bing, Google, etc.

Voice Searches

As per the latest Search Insider Summit, it is found that approximately 25% of the searches are voice searches. Nowadays, voice searches are the most trending search types on the popular search engines. In addition to this, voice searches have now become much longer. The durability of the voice searches as compared to text searches is much longer and effective. The top search engines are increasingly notifying that voice searches are the most trending search types when compared to other search types, especially text searches. The top voice assistants in the world like Cortana, Alexa, etc., are powered by Bing.

As per the latest update, Google has still not revealed the percentage of voice searches made on its search engines. However, the ongoing trends in the market indicate that the scope of voice searches is much higher in the future as compared to text searches. The present trends of the search types are indicative of the fact that voice searches will reach closer to around 50% of all searches in the upcoming period of time.