Did you care while choosing a domain name for your online business? Impacts of domain name are extensive in SEO. It can help create a foundation for your website and boost your website in the search engine results.

Domain name is a machine learning ranking model that a SEO Company uses to forecast the likelihood or possibility of a domain to rank in search results, irrespective their page contents. On the other hand, PageRank is also a similar performance rank measurement model but it is about a single page. Domain is about a total website. Both the PageRank and Domain name can be used to target pages and websites which have the potential to rank well in SERPs.

Domain name is key to forecasting performance of a website in SERPs rankings. Being a calculated metric, it can measure how well a specific domain can likely to rank in Google search results.

SEO professionals can use domain metric to compare one site with another. They can also track the strength of their website- domain and sub-domain both over time.

Domain authority works on Linkscape web index. This Linkscape is a “supertool” used for link building and it includes link counts, mozRank, mozTrust, and many more. A machine leanring model is used to predictively find an algorithm, which can precisely correlates with ranking across thousands of search results which we predict against.

Where will you find it? Don’t worry. Domain authority metrics are central to SEO and online marketing platforms across the web. Use Open Site Explorer, MozBar, Moz free toolbar. Plus, all PRO Web App campaigns and Site Intelligence API also incorporate domain authority metrics.

What way is domain authority scored, calculated and determined? Score of domain authority spans from 0 to 100 points on logarithmic scale. This is why it is summed up: the higher the domain authority, the greater the likelihood and potential of ranking well for an individual page on that domain. Its calculation is performed by combining all other link metrics, such as linking root domains, number of total links, mozRank, mozTrust, etc., into a single score.

A typical machine learning model is run to determine ranking possibility of a domain. This model is run against Google’s algorithm to scoop how SERPs are generated. Do you know this calculation includes over 150 signals? The model is constantly refined and refreshed. Now, it is clear that domain authority score most likely tends to fluctuate. This is why metric for domain authority is competitive in nature against other sites.

On the other hand, Page Authority is a predictive metric which can likely predict how well the single page will rank, regardless of its content. This means its predictions are about ranking strength of a single page. Page authority metric is also incorporated into dozens of SEO and online marketing platforms across the web. PRO Web App campaigns and Site Intelligence API have gotten Page authority metric incorporated.