Digital marketing is one of the key methods to reach out to potential customers competently in a shorter period of time. Marketing products and services on the digital platform requires effective search engine optimization tactics. Out of many strategic practices or tactics utilized for search engine optimization, link building is the most significant one. Link building is often considered as one of the most effective methods that helps improve the organic ranking of the website on the top SERP results. It is actually a process of getting external pages to link to a website page. This external links might be anything like content, blog article, infographic, animated video, and much more alike. This method plays a crucial role in bringing a website into a good position in the top SERP results. So, link building is often regarded as the topmost ranking factors of a website.

Link Building

Marketing products and services on the digital platform is a very tricky job. Due to this reason, people prefer to take the assistance of the expert digital marketers, who have prior knowledge and experience of handling the complexities of the digital world. In the process of securing a better ranking on the top search engines, organizations often prefer to take the help of the professional SEO experts. The SEO experts have the best knowledge about the search engine marketing processes that helps the organizations to improve the organic ranking of their website on the popular search engines. The topmost SEO consulting companies in India facilitate competent SEO tactics, which enable organizations to create a strong online identity on the digital platform and achieve a higher ranking on the popular search engines.

In the process of achieving a higher ranking, link building plays an important role. However, there are certain considerations that should be kept in mind during link building. Let’s take a look into the top 5 do’s and don’ts of link building in the year 2017.

The Do’s

1). Concentrate on Links from Contents

Till now, the best method of generating external link to a company’s website is by producing unique contents. Keyword-infused and focused-topic links are the best external links for a web page. This kind of link building help grab the attention of the reader on the services the business provides, which in turn helps the website to rank better on the top search engines.

2). Pay Adequate Attention to Referrals

In the process of link building, it is very important to pay adequate attention on the relevance of the external links attached to the website. Linking relevant external pages enable adequate creation of traffic into the website. The ultimate goal of digital marketing is drag traffic into the website and convert potential visitors into prospective customers. So, when a link building strategy is devised, it is necessary to pay proper attention to the authoritativeness and relativity of the external links.

3). Create Blog for Your Website

Having a blog is very important to generate more links and to acquire a better position on the top search results. Blogs provide a platform to a website to constantly remain connected to the visitors with the methods of regular content updates about the most trending topics of the relevant industry. Linking a relevant blog creates a lot of link building opportunities that makes necessary for the ones who don’t have blogs get one as early as possible.

4). Utilize Your Customer Base and Top Clients

The most valuable links one could generate for a website is from the top clients. Testimonials and reviews are always good for SEO but links take it a step forward. You can get a customer get linked to your blog by offering them a discount. This is perhaps the most effective methods of generating links for a website and rank better on the top SERP results.

5). Generate Links Having Relevant and Authoritative Pages

The goal of a link building expert should always to generate link from the best of the best. You can easily get the list of top ranking websites having similar search terms from the search engine result. Acquire links from important web pages and use them to determine the backlinks that others have generated for ranking their website.

Link Building

The Don’ts

1). Forcefully Injecting External Links

Linking web pages forcefully to a website is one of the most wrongful acts done by the link builders. In order to acquire fruitful results in the long run, one must stop injecting external links forcefully into the website.

2). Cloaking

Reflecting different contents to search engines as compared to ones you show to users by cloaking is the worst link building practice adopted by the link building experts. This can certainly harm your SEO at a large.

3). Trading Links

Trading or collaborating links randomly from any website may harm your traffic and ranking very badly. To obtain traffic adequately to your website it is necessary to link relevant external links to your website. Trading randomly may harm your existing organic ranking as well.

4). Manipulation In the Process of Link Building

To acquire effective results for link building it is essential to stop introducing manipulations in the link building processes.

5). Paid Links

It is mostly recommended to avoid paid links in the process of link building.

So, while you build links for your website take these above-mentioned do’s and don’ts into consideration.