Strategize SEO as Google prefers them to be. Conflicting strategies might most likely to speed up chances of your site getting lost in the noise of thousands of similar online business sites and never giving yours desirable exposure and stand out. With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, outlining definite strategies which must be successful has become a bit difficult, if not impossible.

In this mid of 2013, when aftershocks of Google algorithm Penguin 2.0 are still palpable and when scores of sites are still struggling and groping ways to get rid of the dark pipe, success in SEO chiefly hinges on building a robust combination strategy. This should include creation of rich contentcredible link building, and earning genuine social signals. These three factors have to be creamy considerations in sizing up SEO strategy.

If you look into these three factors, you will come to understand that each of these three SEO foundations supports the other and invariably interdependent, beside that you can have a look details annual internet trend report for your marketing strategy. While one helps provide tremendous value to readers, the others build your authority and brand value by distributing your contents across various channels.


Here are the glimpses of these three SEO factors highlighting their strong points.

Rich content creation: Create rich content. It spreads viral and goes direct to the heart and mind of people. Rich content has higher conversion potentiality than any other marketing tools. So, make the ultimate use of what’s on your web page. Brainstorm a list of phrases, which have to be intrinsic to your business, brand, products, industry, location and, of course, customers. Utilize Google’s keyword tool to dig, develop, and expand your keyword list. Valuing long-tail keywords will boost conversion rates. So, pay attention to it and use them into contents. Video-based content optimization with instructional guides receives greater weightage from readership and click-through-rate (CTR) has been reported to be amazingly higher. In every attempt of applying your optimization strategy, the overall focus has to be fixed on giving your audience the best user experience (UX), be it about reading your content or viewing the video or following the links.

Credible link building: Even after rolling out Penguin 2.0, Matt Cutts reiterated that ‘link building is not illegal’ (read him here from Eric Enge’s interview with Matt Cutts). What is illegal is the manipulative and deceptive links. And, this you do know also very well. Google Webspam team head is strongly against this link building practice. He, in fact, advocates for the honest use of this ‘infrastructure of connections.’ Increase numbers of quality guest blogs and use links in organic ways. Press release distribution can also be another best way to build links to your site. In order to build brand recognition for your business, use both of them.

Get Social Media Signals turn to you: In the changed scenario and as future SEO postulates, businesses dealing across online as well as offline platform cannot help but engaging themselves into social media. These days, social signals have direct influence on how sites are ranking in SERPs. So, let your business buzz on social media. It involves you getting connected, sharing your high value contents, tweeting and re-tweeting, joining in discussions, thanking people, etc. Doing all these just takes a few minutes a day. Be regular doing them and remain sure that your brand will become a known name across all verticals in shorter time.