Digital marketing uses social media to burgeon brand of a company. Social media takes the lead role for brand promotion across different digitized channels. Facebook, Google Plus,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. are some of those channels, which are effectively useful to communicate with current and potential customers.

Alongside the established methods of Search engine marketing and email marketing, this relatively new but very much effective for brand promotion method is being found as cutting the mark above them. Those who have been using it have definitely significant understanding of its outstanding potential, while those who have not yet or have little knowledge of it must try it to exploit its full potentials, failing which might wrench out prospects of their online business.

In order to not make any gaffe about how to use social media in the digital marketing activities of an online business, let’s know the basics of using social media for digital marketing.

In this anytime and everywhere market where competition is very rife among marketers, companies put their utmost efforts to reach out to maximum number of eager audiences. To ensure it is used all digitized platforms, which may extend up to the reality television shows, besides the social network media. So engaging and compelling their clout is that marketers don’t worry anymore how to reach an audience, but how to keep the audience long enough to get the message across.

Web 2.0 approach revolutionizes the whole gamut of digital marketing. All social networking sites are designed on this approach where one-on-one and community or circle interaction is central theme. Anyone in the circuit can participate, vote, comment, like or dislike and the likes. The platform is interactive. People feel of them as engaging.

As example, blogging sites can be pointed out as popular platform of interactivity. Upon a post being there, readers can comment on the blog post, which you can see as two-way dialogue. YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn are no different. However, a short variance is noticeable on microblogging sites like Twitter and Yammer. The latter two restrict post to short entries, for instance, Twitter allows 140-character only.

Wikis are the key examples of social media where their users can participate in discussion on content. Wikipedia is the most famous example in this regard, where content collaboration is possible and entertaining. Sharing links from other sites happens to be on social bookmarking sites. Stumble Upon, Delicious are two leading bookmarking sites.

In case you want to share multimedia contents like photos, videos, music, presentations, where would you share them? Flicker, YouTube, Slideshare being the leading multimedia content community sites, you will use them surely for this purpose.

As the effectiveness of digital marketing increases strongly and its step is palpable across all round corner, the online marketers cannot help but exploiting them for the purpose of brand promotion. Does anyone in their attempt to burgeon their brand and get their message across give a miss to Facebook and Twitter? The blunt answer is a ‘no’. Ignoring them may likely be bumping along the bottom of your search engine marketing efforts.