As technology terrain is expanding fast, so does the domain of SEO. Liken their features of just a few months back, changed and improved ones will strike your attention. This relentless motion of evolution gives geeks of these worlds a heads-up to ensure faster adoption and adaptation to their changed phenomena or else get ready to have a head-on. SEO’s gotten several such heads-up from Google during recent times.

With new horizon getting visible, SEO professionals now need to be technically minded, data-driven and receptive to new trends and ideas. Quality content optimization which include video, podcast, and social media optimization are the call of these days, outdating traditional marketing efforts and gross link building strategies. In fact, the Internet world is nowadays more interactive with Web 2.0 approach and is expected to be a customized information delivery system as Web 3.0 will mature its formation. Futurist says it will then cater intuitively all and everything specific to your need and want- wherever you will be.

As the Internet is already reshaping and more improvements are lurking from around, SEO professionals have to be open enough to embrace the ensuing trends in the pipeline in order to compete and stay ahead. To do so, below are five SEO trends which you should focus on while readying SEO audit.

 Local Search

Have you looked whether your target audience finding you on local search? Make sure they find, if they are not yet. Studies say that only 1 in 3 searches are local. But, the coming years will be putting stress more on local search ads by the year 2017 and the spending is forecast-ed to grow from$1.2 billion to $9 billion. Optimization will follow its suit. Investing in local search strategy is a low-hanging fruit. And, that it bears richer ROI for a business is already proven.
Here is Local SEO Factors of 2013 published by Moz


Across the United States only, numbers of smartphone users are these days about 128 million (as per ComScore) and the number is still growing and is expected to multiply sooner. It is being observed that an estimated 25 percent of all web traffic presently comes from mobile phone users, while 74 percent of local searches are done through mobile devices. In order to cope with the trends, webmasters need to build responsive site, so that their web pages become performable smoothly on all platforms. If it is done carefully, doing online business will become much easier. Conversion will take place faster.

Social Optimization

Social media platform is nowadays common persons’ platform. Soaking up social signals is a must-do for online businesses. It is interactive- a very feature of Web 2.0 technology and brand image creation is quite easier. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc, each of them has their distinctive strategies which can be employed cohesively. Gear up social media optimization for an online business and for it, a monthly metrics driven analysis of social performance is very necessary. Implement it and allot a budget for it.

Content Strategy

Did you always check keyword ranking of your competitors and also of you? Or, do you know what kind of content is driving the most traffic to your site? Content format planning accordingly is very crucial to drive traffic to your site and for the success of a site’s SEO. Remember content is the bread for SEO. Use video, image, multimedia elements inside the body of content so readers find interest in reading them and following you. Figure out your content format intelligently and change it time to time to avoid monotony.

App Development

Use of smartphones and tablets is likely to be surpassed by apps. With it in view, predictions are that they will open a whole new door for SEO. Unless you develop internet marketing strategy likewise, scram online business platform. Embracing it and developing apps will add potential of more revenue earning. As new school of SEO trends is emerging, set your foot strongly with these tools to give your site an audit and lead the game.