Even face of the world had to be changed on December 21, 2012, Fortunately, it didn’t. With meteoric growth and expansion of the New York city and its buildings, it had to become crippled. None of them took place.

According to the predictions, New York City was to have crowded with at least six million horses to transport all the people who would live there by 1980. Had it become so, the city would have almost doomed. In fact, the horse exhaust was more of a concern than greenhouse gases at that time, which Jeff Stibell detailed in his intriguing book “Breakpoint.”

Scenario has taken a different turn about them. None of the two came to a standstill. Nor technological advances could have drastically halted demographic expansion. Technological advancement knows no snail movement. It will run while everything would also definitely run, sometimes ahead of it or sometimes behind it. But, none of them will be static.

Similarly, technology will change. But, the basic principles of content optimization will not, as far as the online business activities and non-profit activities will go by. I think nobody would take exception to the saying that technology doesn’t change human nature, although it may amplify it.

These days, various sorts of change in web users’ behaviour are being noticed. Unlike previous times, they tend to type in search queries of long and difficult nature, giving search engines a real challenge to come up with approximately right search results. When they fail, searchers’ search experience does also get lowered and simultaneously decline in image index of the concerned search engines is being noticed.

Smartphones, wearable computer, and Google Glass are revolutionary innovations, which are being projected to be the deciding factor for the fate of the web world. Did you ever think what will wearable computing mean for content? I doubt at this point, if anybody is there to answer to this query properly. Life is not about living in 7D world – it has to be simple and basic.

Web users are seeing that mobile responsive design has fast gone from cutting edge to must-have. They are also aware as we are also about the impact of HTML5 which may let us make the web pages with which we can do things which we have never been able to do before. We are also sure that those who stick to quality media production will win the game of business at the end. Focus on the present and produce things which will serve purpose of people for all along. Which is eternal will stay for ever. Content has that potentiality. Did anything replace the power of printed words?