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What will be Smartphone SEO strategy?

Converting quick searchers into quick clickers calls for a robust combination strategy. Shorter attention span of web users and reduced device size feature the latest scenario which seeks rather direct SEO approach. Miniaturization of devices with high-speed internet capabilities has contributed much to create an alternate marketplace, ever altering the way that marketers present their

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What SEO factors are going to rule in 2013?

Strategize SEO as Google prefers them to be. Conflicting strategies might most likely to speed up chances of your site getting lost in the noise of thousands of similar online business sites and never giving yours desirable exposure and stand out. With Google’s ever-evolving algorithms, outlining definite strategies which must be successful has become a

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Social media 2013: Changes and Trends across-the-board (Part-II)

Already acquainted with the updated features of Facebook, now is an attempt to introduce with those of Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Let’s start with Twitter. Twitter has included many a features, which express their intentions very clearly. All of the lately included features will directly or indirectly be having commercial impacts. Consider an

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Social media 2013: Changes and Trends across-the-board

Social media is fast changing its features and services. So do Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. Many of their old features are getting deleted while new ones are being added. Everything is taking place to match new technology trends and users’ psychological proclivities. These new changes and entries can be exciting and

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How to protect your Facebook profile from unwanted Graphic Search results

Facebook rolled out its Graphic Search feature on July 08, 2013. At its launch, an all-pervading fear factor started looming large over 1.11 billion Facebook users (user number estimated as of March, 2013). By rolling out this search tool, Facebook intended to allow its users explore its huge amount of data and get consolidated results.

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Why local-mobile marketing is thriving?

Location-based mobile marketing is the future. It promises a whole sky! It stands to achieve limitless! From high conversion, to surgical targeting, or to rich consumer profiles, it’s establishing its strong foothold on this area. But the million-dollar question is: Is it delivering its promises? As far as lots of international survey reports are taken

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Is vertical search a threat to Google?

In recent times, search behavior of web users has got a massive transformation. They tend to go direct to the site they look for the service instead of going to it via Google. This is noticeably visible among online shoppers. This is the reason; sites similar to Amazon and eBay have been receiving higher traffic

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Banging Tweet: Twitter is ramping up its advertising capabilities

With an eye to release widely expected initial public offering in 2014, Twitter, a privately owned $10 billion advertising engine, has declared it’s starting individually targeted ads soon using cookies. In its initial stage, this will be limited within US users only. Once this promotional style for brands and businesses gets through, it will be

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