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How to Create a Page in WordPress CMS?

Are you a beginner for wordpress? Do not be worried. Creating a wordpress page is like to post a comment on Facebook. You just follow the steps and experience how easier it is. To add a new page on the wordpress site, first go to the ‘add new’ option which is available on ‘pages’ menu

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ComScore Search Report Declares about Yahoo’s Up-Rising Share and Search Volume

At the starting month of the year 2015 Yahoo has experienced an appreciable share growth and query volume. ComScore search report for January has constituted the fact. Bing has experienced hardly any changes from December to January holding a stable share. Whereas Google has practiced its second consecutive fall in query volume. Microsoft sites have

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Google’s Trial of Live Chats in Search Results

Google is at the door-step of another invention of better communication that is Live chats, i.e. Google hangouts in-to search results. The feature of the same is like Path Talk, a mobile conversation application. According to a source, familiar with project, the whole process is under trial. It will take more time for better information

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How to Deal with Google’s Malware Warnings?

Google is always engaged to protect web surfers, to be attacked by malicious sites. Most of the application and search engines use Google’s malware database to identify the harmful sites. Generally these types of sites include malicious content inserted by hackers. These sites may harm and create severe software related problems. So, you will be

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Google Adwords Versus Facebook Ads

The two most prominent platforms of online advertising are Google and Facebook. Since the beginning Google is the king of all, but at present the statistics is figuring out something different. Facebook ads are challenging Google adwords, because in most of the strategies both have them have the same features and facilities. This has brought

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How to Utilize Google Webmaster Tools for Attracting More Traffic?

The free web service of Google i.e. Google webmaster tools has brought the new dimension to check the efficiency of a website. Using webmaster tools, the owners and developers of the sites can understand indexing status and they can also enhance the visibility on the web. There are several measuring tools which will guide you

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How to Improve Visibility of Jewelry Business in the Search Engines?

There is moral that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and it is very true. Nowadays along with the varied range of sophistication the jewelry business has reached at sky scrapping height. So, it is very easy to understand that the jewelry business entrepreneurs are vividly using the online platform to promote their business. Practically

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Effective Dental Online Marketing Tips

Each and every commercial firm is engaged in online marketing to attract more visitors and also to enhance the transactions. So, why the dentists are not. The dental clinics have started the process earlier. As preplanned strategy does not match the dimensional advancement, the dentists also need to update the online marketing strategies. Here are

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How Google Panda is Reacting over Thin Content?

Not much earlier, but since 2011 Google’s new algorithm namely Panda, the Google’s latest search algorithm is involved to specify the thin content. Why should Google take this step? There are several reasons behind this. To discuss the matter, at first here is some information about thin content. What is Thin Content? Content with less

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