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“How to’ Searches on YouTube have Recorded a 70% Increase with a View above 100 million Hours in 2015

It has been estimated that 91% of total smart phone users prefer their devices to search for “how to do something” and in this concern YouTube has achieved an extraordinary attention. Google has announced that the increase of “how to do” video search on YouTube for around 70% in earlier 2015. The searchers are making

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Google’s Determination to Withdraw Page Speed Service on August 2015

Google’s page speed service is an online support to increase the page speed of web pages. Now, the giant search engine has decided to ban the service. Google has defined the reasons behind the withdrawal process quite simply:- "We see much broader adoption of page speed technology through our open source products and have therefore

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Search Query Is Now Available in Google’s Webmaster Tools as Search Analytics Report

Google’s experimenting wheel has now found another dimension and that is analytics support is available within Google’s webmaster tools. It is not much earlier that Google has launched search query report and has renamed it as Google search analytics. The users who are in a beta testing mode can check the analytics report in place

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Discover the Importance of Site Map

Sitemaps are useful to discover different pages of a site in an easier way. Google’s normal crawling process may not discover all the pages of your site. It is the XML sitemaps that helps inform Google about the different pages of your site. So, in case of exposure creating and submitting of Sitemap is also

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