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2017 Top Web Development Trends – Part II

2017 Top Web Development Trends – Part II

Earlier in part- I of Web Development trends 2017, the top 4 tech-friendly innovations introduced in the web development platform have been mentioned. This article on the latest web development trends of 2017 will make an elaborated explanation of the next four top web development trends witnessed in the year 2017. The trends introduced this year for web development has made the digital platform more reliable for obtaining productive outcomes in a business operating online. The top web development companies in India are proficiently making themselves updated with the current developments in the platform and are aiming to offer the most optimized solutions for website creation and designing. The businesses operating on the digital platform are witnessing some of the most interesting developments in the year 2017. Let’s take a look on the top trends of web development in the year 2017 – Part II.

Top 2017 trends of web development – Part II


  • Angular 2


Angular 2 is the next version of Google’s MV structure. If you want to construct complex applications in the browser, then Angular 2 should be the perfect choice. The technologically advanced Angular 2 is equipped with everything that you might need to build a complicated web or mobile application. This feature offers powerful templates, effective data management services, HTTP services, fast rendering services, and much more alike.

Web Development

Angular 2 is released in the year 2016. This feature has brought a lot many typical changes in the Google’s frontend JavaScript framework. In simple terms, Angular 2 has completely redesigned the structure of Google’s JavaScript. This feature now collaboratively working with the Google’s JavaScript ES6, which facilitates easy application building functionality and is moving towards a more component driven architecture.  

In 2017, this feature has become more concrete and is scheduled to release regular updates every 6 months. The introduction of this tech-friendly feature has revolutionized the web development world with new innovations in the operating systems and enables more easy and effective functionality of the web development platforms.


  • The Yarn Package Manager


One of the significant tools used in the frontend JavaScript communities is the Package managers. The package managers make it convenient for the developers to install, configure, update, and uninstall code modules with their applications. This kind of modifications in the application system is mainly done by communicating with the registry of code modules.

Yarn package manager is the fastest, reliable, and secure dependency management system, which parallelizes the functions of application development matters. This system makes the operation of application development ultra fast, secure, and reliable.

Yarn package manager is developed by Facebook, in collaboration with Exponent, Google, and Tide. This newly developed tech-friendly feature aims to address the issues that Facebook is facing with NPM, mainly in areas of performance, consistency, and security. This newly emerged Yarn package manager still has access to the NPM and Bower registries. The emergence of this new package management system in the year 2017 has revolutionized the web development platform with highly reliable and mega secure systems.  The development of this new trend in 2017 is aiming to serve better to the online web development industry.


  • Static Website Generators


Static website generators are tech-friendly applications that help create websites from plain text. In many circumstances, static websites created by generators provide advantages like speed, deployment, security, and traffic surges. Since, in this present era, the content delivery networks and APIs are becoming widely popular, many webmasters are looking forward to the static site generators to bring a distinctive revolution in the online web development platform in the year 2017.

The static site generators offer a wide range of benefits like:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Traffic surges
  • Minimized hassles with the server
  • Improved version control for content



  • Web Design Evolution


While developing a website, the most important factor is web designing. Web designing plays a pivotal role in making the website appealing to the consumers. Your website will experience high bounce rates, if the design of your site is boring and dull. So, one of the important trends of 2017 in the web development platform is the web design evolution.

The most significant trends to look for in web design are:

  • Effective movement based interfaces
  • Larger and bolder typography
  • Quick access to information

The digital platform is the place, where nothing stands still. Every day, a new trend comes in that revolutionize the web world with new features. The year 2017 has brought a lot many interesting developments in the web development platform. Looking to these highly advanced trends, it can be judged that the year 2017 will be very interesting for the webmasters working on web development.

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