4 Ways to Improve speed of Google Chrome


Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. People worldwide prefer it to many others for its excellent features, extensions and applications. All the same, Chrome is slow at time and this is due to some of its features.

Users can make its speed faster provided they follow some tips and tricks. Page loading and web browsing speeds can be improved. Let’s see what ways they can do it.

First off, find out what features, plugins and applications you seldom need. Get rid of them. You can disable unnecessary and unneeded features of Chrome and allow the browser to load web pages faster.

Disable Avoidable Extensions: You must know that extensions are tools that extend functionality of the Chrome browser. Most of the extensions run in the background and parse or filter web pages before they are showed on the screen.

How to Disable Extensions Which you don’t or Seldom Require.

  • Type "chrome:/extensions" in your Chrome’s location bar.

  • Or else, you can go to Chrome’s Options > More tools > Extensions.

  • Uncheck the Enabled to the extensions you want to disable, or click the Trash icon to delete the extension.

Disable Unneeded Plugins: Like extensions, plugins also provide extended functionalities to the browser. A few plugins come with Google as built-in. They are for instances Chrome PDF Viewer, Native Client, etc. Software also carries plugins. They can slow down the browser and clog memory and network resources.

In Order to Disable Plugins you do not Need:

  • Type "chrome:/plugins" in your Chrome’s address bar

  • Click Disable to disable the plugin you no longer need

Remove Unnecessary Web Apps: If you think Google Chrome is only a web browser, you are wrong. This is also an application platform for web apps and can run locally-installed web apps written on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. When you find web apps straitjacketing load of resources like websites, you should discard or shed them.

How to Remove Unnecessary Web Apps:

  • Type "chrome://apps" in your Chrome’s address bar

  • Or else, click Apps on the Bookmarks bar

  • Right-click the app you want to remove

  • Select Remove from Chrome

  • Click the Remove button to confirm the removal

Simple Cache for HTTP: Simple Cache is the new caching mechanism for Google Chrome. It relies on the file system for space allocation and works well compared to the old caching system.

How to Enable Simple Cache:

  • Go to "chrome: /flags/#enable-simple-cache-backend" in your browser

  • Select Enabled from the dropdown

  • Click Re-launch Now button


Let us know how your browsing experience on Google Chrome is after following these tips and tricks. Update us if you have any more tips and tricks or hacks to speed up Google Chrome.


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