Are You Missing the Important Features of Google Analytics?

If you are optimizing your website for Google, You must have heard about the term Google Analytics and almost all of us are quite aware of the features of the tool that it is used to get the reflection of user interactions, conversions, visitors time spending and other insights of a website. I have interacted lot of clients and SEOs and the fact has reflected that many important features are usually omitted by most of the experts. Here, I have managed those features that you can get more specific and clear report of your website. You must go through the article.
  • Benchmark Report: - It is very important to have a glance of the industry and the competitors you are chasing. Benchmark report will show the details how your data is compared in the industry. There are around 1600 industry categories to choose. You can easily analyze the channels and how they are performing with industry standards.
You can get several insights like:- 1. Industry benchmark and your performance 2. Setting up of new goals to get the benchmark 3. Overall site performance compared to the industry. Mainly the benchmarking tool is consisted of three different reports and those are channels, location and devices. Now you just have look about the metrics that you can discover from these three reports.  1. Channels: - Specifically this report will show you how you are performing and chasing your competitors having same business. Several factors and queries will be solved from this query like do need more advertising or are the email campaigns sufficient or is the website properly optimized to chase the competitors? These metrics will surely force your site’s improvement. 2. Location: - Location benchmark will help you find where you are performing best and where you are worst. It is very important for the businesses that are operating in several countries. If you are operating poor in UK, you must check the respective channel that is performing poor.  3. Devices: - Device benchmark will display your site’s performance on different devices like tablet or smart phones. This metrics is important to discover if you are missing traffic due to mobile friendliness.
  • Demography and interest report: - Demographic and interest report is further necessary to understand the users, but I am surprised that many usually omit this. From this metric you can clearly get the audience details like gender, age and their interests. There are several age categories that specify the age of the visitors. To set a better marketing campaign it is important to understand the same as well as the point attraction of the users. All these data are managed from third party double click cookie and anonymous identifiers for mobile apps.
From this metrics you can get: - 1. The age group that is engaged most with your site. 2. The gender group coming to the site. 3. The users core point of interest.
  • You can create more than one view: - Using this metrics you can easily create a clone of your existing property and this help you save from data loss or discrepancy. Mainly the experts use two views and those are Raw view and Test view
The raw view is the untouched version and you should not make any changes in this page due to preserving Google Analytics raw data. In the test view you should go with the configuration and possible changes that you wish. In case of larger enterprises you can place single sub domain view for specified users and can share limited access to the different sub domains or stake holders.
  • Mobile user tracking: - As mobile suitability has become a ranking factor and more users are operating from smart phones, you must maintain the report of mobile users. This metrics will provide the details of user percentage from mobile and you can better implement the mobile optimization strategies.
  • Integration of Google webmaster account: - Most of the webmasters do not check Google webmaster on frequent basis. To analyze the search queries and valuable keywords, it is very important to keep a regular surveillance. To operate this one has to know the integration of Google webmaster tools/ Google search console.
From the search query page you can see the URLs that have returned back from your site and the respective pages those are exposed most on the Google search results. Moreover, these are the basic glances to frame more effective keywords.
  • Using of UTM parameters: - UTM parameters are basically used for tracking and these are the tags that are added with URLs. Whenever a user clicks on a URL, the tags are sent back to Google analytics.
This feature is very important if you are on a certain campaign or advertising for a brand or product. You may have launched a monthly industry magazine or a featured newsletter, using such parameter you can easily understand which newsletter or monthly magazine is bringing more traffic to your site. Without checking UTM parameters it is difficult to understand the conversion sources.
  • Tracking of Events: - There is no doubt that Google analytics tracks many user interactions by default, but it does not count the clicks made on a single button. Suppose you are eager to know how many clicks are made on the “proceed” button. For this operation you have to go for Event tracking metrics.
Event tracking includes the clicks on email addresses, URLs, download options and social media icons. To analyze the custom behavior of the users, this metrics is far necessary. Moreover, using this you can clearly discover the number of users opt for download or purchase your product. Site search report: - This record will show you find the users those opt for a search on your site for a specific product or page. The search terms used in the search box will help you frame efficient keywords and to use them in quality content or Meta description for more accuracy and specific search result. Optimized E-commerce: - This is the latest metrics added in the Google analytics. It is mingled with 10 other reports that you can a clear stat of your e commerce economy. The important insights that you will get:- 1. Behavior variation between the new and existing visitors. 2. Brands those are showing better performance. 3. Product categories those are removed or less used. 4. Products that have got better visibilities 5. The situations or access points that experience high drop-offs.
  • Check analytics notification: - This featured is used by Google to communicate with account by finding tracking codes of the analytics implementation. Here are some examples that these types of notification you can get.
 1. IF Google analytics found that you have not removed internal traffic, then it will suggest you removing such internal links.  2. If your site has not enabled demographic or interest report Google analytics will suggest you enabling this metrics. These notifications will help you know the important measures that you are not operating, so it will be better to check this on a regular basis. So, these are all about the featured metrics of Google analytics those are often missed by the webmasters. What do you think? Do not forget to place your valuable response to make the article more resourceful. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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