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Top 5 Reasons Why WordPress Is Regarded as the Optimum Place to Redesign Your Small Business Website

The website of a business serves as its digital storefront that brings in more customers and generates leads and sales for the company. Businesses operating online always try to keep their website updated with the latest software features, designs, user-friendly nature, etc. In most of the cases, the website of a company serves as the

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WordPress 4.4: 5 New Features You Must Need to Know

  WordPress 4.4 comes up with quite a few improved features to enable WordPress developers deliver sites more efficiently in unique formats of presentation. With this version launch, the future of WordPress in the JavaScript-centric era has taken off. Look into a few features of WordPress 4.4 and know how they are improvements upon their

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Few Steps to Launch SEO Friendly WordPress

Most of the users use the platform of Wordpress, but they may not know the effective strategies to make a more effective use of Wordpress. The motto of this article is to find out such tips that make your Wordpress SEO friendly in a few steps. It is open source platform and quite user- friendly.

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What will you Chose between HTML and WordPress for Building your Website?

Whenever you are going structure a site, there are a lot of matters to be considered. There was a time when HTML coding is the base of a website. Later, the introduction of advanced platforms has changed the theory. There is no doubt that both HTML and WordPress have advantages as well as disadvantages. You

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How to Create a Page in WordPress CMS?

Are you a beginner for wordpress? Do not be worried. Creating a wordpress page is like to post a comment on Facebook. You just follow the steps and experience how easier it is. To add a new page on the wordpress site, first go to the ‘add new’ option which is available on ‘pages’ menu

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Creating basic WordPress CMS

From plugins and widgets to file manager tricks, you will come to know here how to use WordPress. WordPress occupies more than five percent of the top ten thousands sites on the web. It has occupancy for about sixty percent of the content management system or CMS market. The process of searching out a host

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