Content Marketing Plan to watch out in 2016


Majority of the entrepreneurs keep their face all smiles during first few years of running a business. They remain busy with their first clients, learning ropes and making myriad mistakes. Doing all these, they tend to forget to focus on strategizing a solid content marketing plan. However, this is the key driver to making a business successful online.

content marketing If your business is semi-stable, you got to have a solid content marketing plan, which you may start with following the latest trends of content marketing. Here are few of those trends (you may also create your own plan).
  • Keep in mind your blog is like a client. Usually, that the startups tend to face the biggest challenges includes consistency. If you give a careful notice around the internet, you will see it. Most of the sites publish blog posts not on regular basis, often with a span of a few months, which is why they fail to reap benefits out of content marketing. Stability and consistency of blog posting should be maintained. You may set some realistic calendar goals for posting. Start following specific dates and times to post and respect your internal deadlines. In doing all these, you will get through within a few months.
  • Be a niche expert instead of becoming average in several areas. You can impress your clients strongly when you have true command on a subject. Your clients would like to believe you when you give them actual and factual solutions and eliminate their fears regarding something your offer. You should know that reaching a close-enough state-of-the-mind in a hurry wouldn’t be enough. Instead, giving them a solution that you know ins and outs and that is in the same ballpark as your company would be the right step forward.
  • If you look around the internet, you can also see there are many niche experts who have full grasp and reputation of a subject and broadcast reliable and data-backed information. As a result, they get better attention both from clients and also from the search engines.
  • Go by the popular saying of eye-for-eye challenge. If you have competition with a top listing company, give a competition of its weightage. Engage with the competition rather than engaging yourself into discovering way-out to give the true fight a miss and bypass the competition and reach the top. This won’t work. Instead, you have face it. Communicate with your prospects and handle them personally, so they build trust on you.
  • Give attention to gateway content marketing. This is mostly important if you want to generate leads from email submission or believe gating your content will benefit you. As many surveys report, gated contents often return with results. However, there are also instances clients got angry with them and as a result, they leave the page in a jiffy. So, you may give it a try only when you are confident of being able to create a positive content experience with a CTA at the end. You can then only demand for personal information.

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