Detail Characteristics of PHP and ASP.NET Regarding Performance, Cost, Scalability and many more

In this changing era to meet the challenges and demand of the internet users the developers are working hard day and night. To make them support, the new scripting languages are always ready in the field, but which one to choose? This post is all about the same discussion. Here, I have chosen the two most popular ones. The first one is PHP and the second one is ASP.NET. These are the two scripting languages used by millions of developers. This article will guide you determine which one is better for your project? You must go through the whole.
  • Some Basic Knowledge about PHP
The core reason of popularity of this scripting language is the easy learning curve and large developer community. According to a stat it has been installed over 250 million websites with server support. To simplify web development a number of frameworks have been included with this. The most famous networks based on PHP are Wordpress and Facebook.

  • Some Basic Knowledge about ASP.NET
An ASP or active server page, the platform was overcome by this new one. This has proved itself as an easy scripting tool for building web applications and web pages. This coding system can be accessed using any .NET supported language. This language is not for the beginners, but it has several facilities that may attract the beginners to begin with this. The most popular websites like MySpace or PlentyofFish has been built upon this modern language ASP.NET.

  • Performance and Speed
There is a lot of factors that are the basis of debate while measuring the performance and speed of these two scripting language. A programming language has to perform many tasks similar to the search engines like Google or yahoo. So, to distinguish between the two here is the need of an elaborate discussion. At first we proceed with PHP. It has to be mentioned that PHP runs on the basis of LAMP stack that is consisted of Linux, Apache, MySQL and scripting language. The LAMP stack has better established its popularity in the world of web and hence deserved by many developers. On the other hand in case of ASP.NET another database namely MSSQL is used. One may use MySQL also. In this concern the performance gap is very little between the two programming languages. Another important factor is impact over Operating system and file system used on the server. At present it is very evident that the performance of Linux and ext4 file system is better in case of I/O. So, clearly it can be said that there will be a better performance of PHP application running on a Linux web host than that of ASP.NET.
  • Scalability
In this concern there is no far difference between the two as both the languages are highly scalable. I may place here two instances like Facebook and MySpace. In the first case, Facebook, the second most popular site in the world, has programmed on the basis of PHP and MySpace another famous social network has been built with ASP.NET. So, Programmers are well concern about the strategies how to scale both of these scalable languages.
  • Cost
To discuss about the both, the first statement is that PHP is totally free whereas ASP.NET is a product of Microsoft. So, the second one is little bit costly. ASP.NET is programmable only on windows and if you want to use it on Mac or Linux, you have to go for MonoProject. The friendlier IDE or Internet Development Tool for ASP.NET is Visual Studio and in this case I have to mention that there is a free version of VS called CS Express. On the other hand PHP is free and runs better on Linux web hosting. It can be used on almost all the operating channels like Windows, Mac, Linux and many free IDEs. As a beginner a programmer is strongly recommended to use PHP for the easy ease of learning.
  • Support and Resources
As PHP is a free scripting language, many developers are analyzing the same to invent new strategies and tricks. Moreover, you will find a lot of support in this case. In the world of web you will get uncountable resources to understand the same in a better way. These enormous resources have made this more popular and acceptable. On the other hand ASP.NET is a product of Microsoft and in this case you will also find some support and resources, but in comparison to PHP all that are very little.
  • Tools and Editors
First in case of PHP or MySQL, I have to state that these are independent and developers have the chances to a large number of editors. Most of the PHP developers prefer using Notepad++ and VIM instead of IDE On the other hand most of the ASP.NET developers rely on Microsoft visual Studio for editing or developing. In this case Microsoft VS is the most powerful IDE and the developers are totally dependent upon it.
  • Deploying Time
In the time concern PHP is more flexible than ASP.NET. It takes a large amount of time to implement the features and functionality. On the other hand as PHP has the base of server no additional steps are to take while changing its functionality. But, ASP.NET has to be checked each time if the code is modified.
  • Ease of Learning
ASP.NET is generally written in C# or C sharp that is quite hard to learn. The syntax used in the context is hard to read and is highly complicated. Many experienced developers even think twice before touching ASP.NET. On the other hand PHP is based upon newbies an easy coding to understand. It is highly recommended for the beginners to start with PHP on the basis of easy learning process.
  • Popularity
After all the discussion you may better understand that PHP has got the more marks on the basis of usability, learning and other easy features. According to a stat, at present PHP is the sixth most emerging and popular scripting language in the world whereas the place of ASP.NET is out of the twenty ranks.
  • Conclusion
If you have least knowledge about .NET framework, you should opt for PHP. Practically PHP has the capacity to perform everything ASP.NET can. It will be better to choose PHP rather than ASP.NET.

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