Fabric - The Mobile Development Platform of Twitter Taken Over By Google

Fabric - The Mobile Development Platform of Twitter Taken Over By Google

In this present era, technology plays a vital role in every spare of work. There are hundreds and thousands of applications that are utilized for various kinds of tasks related to digital resource management, application development, and control of network-integrated platforms. One of such tech-friendly mobile application development systems is Fabric. Fabric is a competent mobile development platform of Twitter that helps to build better user-friendly apps for mobile. As per the recent update made by the team of Fabric, Google's Developer Products Group will now lead the mobile development platform of Twitter. In simple words, Fabric, the leading mobile development platform of Twitter is being taken over by Google. Twitter has launched Fabric as a modular SDK in the year 2014 that allows the mobile developers to pick and choose various tools to improve their mobile development applications, which serves mobile apps reaching around 2.5 billion users.

After Google taking over the control of Fabric, the mobile development platform of Twitter has become more user-friendly and customized. All the popular features of Fabric like Nuance speech recognition, answers analytics, Crashlytics, and digits user authentication will be retained. The team of fabric will now join the Google's Developers Products Group and work alongside the Firebase team. This take over has led to introduction of a unified app platform for IOS and Android. The unification of Google Fireworks team with Fabric team has introduced the best mobile developer platform in the world for application developers.

This latest update has brought a sensation among the developers across the globe. The digital world being the predominant form of technology-oriented platform has acquired a great system of mobile application development with the unification of two of the most leading names of this age. The leading digital marketers are being benefited with this development as they get to acquire a user-friendly platform with the upgradation of fabric with fireworks team of Google. The takeover of Fabric by Google has initiated damage with Twitter's already dicey relationship with the developers and has not restored their faith in the social networking sites, after the token limit is implemented for the third-party applications.


There are many development companies, which are looking forward to the outcome of the unification of the Fireworks team with Twitter's Fabric team. The topmost web development companies in India are seeing this take over as a positive growth in the mobile application development sector. This latest change will help make the mobile apps development more efficient, user-friendly, and compact. This unification will make the analysis of user's requirement easier for the businesses.

This take over will not cause any problem in its usability as everything will remain the same and are even going to be more advanced. The only change will be seen in its terms of service as there is shift in the authority of the system.

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