Google Photo Insights- A New Feature of Google My Business to Evaluate Online Visitors Engagement

Google Photo Insights- A New Feature of Google My Business to Evaluate Online Visitors Engagement

In this competition driven web world, proper optimization of a website is essential to improve the online organic ranking of the website on the popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Optimization of a website largely involves various dimensions of tasks, and among them, one of the most important tasks is to list a business on Google My Business. In the present scenario, one of the most important elements that play significant in positioning a website on the top SERP results is the Google my Business feature. Google My Business provides a wide range of benefits to a business to rank on the topmost search engine results.

Listing business on Google My Business enables businesses to become easily searchable on the popular search engines like Google. Using Google My Business is an added feature for the business as that helps customers to easily access information related to the business like contact information, hours of operation, etc., on the popular search engines like Google. In the recent times, Google My Business automatically integrates Google maps, which in turn helps the website to rank better in the top SERP results. This feature is very helpful for the businesses to rank on the local search engine results, mainly. The integration of Google My Business with Google maps made the business easily searchable with the help of geographical location. The recent introduction of the Google photos insights has now made the task of visitor engagement evaluation much easier and convenient.

Google Insights

The Google Photos insights are a new metric added to the Google My Business dashboard. This feature helps businesses to analyze that how much the photos on the Google My Business profile are engaging visitors when compared to the other competitor's website. This new Google photos insight has introduced a new method of evaluating the businesses ability to engage visitors on the social media platforms and on the popular search engine channels. The Google photos insights have also made it possible for the business to analyze their Google photos engagement with the competitors Google photos engagement rate. Mapping the competitors Google photos viewers engagement helps business to analyze its discrepancies much easily and optimize the Google My business photos in a manner that engages a greater number of visitors as compared to the Competitors Google Photos.

Google Photos Insights Feature -
  • Helps to analyze the Google Photos engagement rate
  • Compare the Google photos engagement rate with other competitor's site
  • Help spot the discrepancies of low Google Photos viewer's engagement

Thus, it is quite clear that Google photos insights plays a significant role in enhancing the online SERP rankings of a website.

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