How Many Types of Web Developers Do You Know?


There are 4 most common types of web developers you may find around. Be part of a particular group of web developers, you may then get to know they have particular quirks or personalities which you can actually group together.

That developers will be having their individual preferences and work-style (even though they are doing the same jobs) is to be understood. Look into these 4 types of them and spot yourself or one of your colleagues into them.

Type 1 - The Perfectionist: How do you imagine a perfectionist programmer? Are they the ones who write the most perfect, flawless of codes? If you are imagining them to be so, then you aren’t on the right track. The real perfectionists are those who look, code and transcend the task of coding. Their tasks include leaving comments, paying attention to naming variables and doing the dirty work (documentation for instance).

Ask a web developer when he/she had to leave a detailed comment or write a manual for software last time. Except a perfectionist, none of them would say they had to do them. Very seldom, such works they are to do. Actually, most developers don’t pay attention to such things like creating software documentation.

Type 2 - The Purist: Such a web developer tends to be a person sticking to traditional rules. You may compare him/her with an English teacher, purist by nature. Though they aren’t essentially that strict, they’re just the kind of developers who aren’t very keen on using frameworks and libraries. Consider one who picks Vanilla JavaScript over jQuery every time. They would, indeed, love using pure languages in traditional ways and, at the same time, would get annoyed when they stumble upon yet-another-framework or library.

This doesn’t mean such a way of working doesn’t appear in real life too. This isn’t to be, when job vacancies nowadays ask for “expertise in jQuery”. No matter how close minded or upright they may seem, you can’t turn a blind eye to the truth in their argument.

Type 3 - The Polyglots: Those who use multiple programming languages are said to be polyglots. They’ve full juggler-like efficiency in juggling SQL and SAAS alike. This being said, these polyglots have working expertise in more than one programming languages. There is no denying that knowledge and expertise in one programming language delivers partial results. However, it is vital and imperative for developers as well as backend developers to be expert in multiple programming languages. You can then get to boast that you’re polyglot.

Most polyglots are those who are because of their work situation rather than by choice. Few get to have separate fronted developers or designers. Either way, they approach a new language with a lot more confidence than anyone else and are quick learners. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by them though, because many of them might be Jack of all trades yet masters of none.

Type 4 - The Doers: It is sure to have their job get done, no matter what their list of priorities starts with getting the job done. Doers must be competent and having the fullest expertise on the latest and fastest framework, libraries and workflow set up. Doers must be having premade modules for modules, all sorted for quick use in projects. They earn the reputation for implementing all tools for smooth production. Know that a typical doer’s telltale characteristic is the use of a task runner like grunt or gulp.

Wrap Up:

Many of you may be developers yourself or be having friends working as web developers. If you find them to be having work types other than these or contradictory to these ones, feel free to update and educate us.


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