How You Should Gain Bulk Traffic from an Epic Blog Post?

If you are giving extra stress on SEO that means you are trying to attract more and more traffic. The goal is embedded within the traffic interactions. How? Your position on SERP is totally dependent upon the coming traffic and search engine has this reason to consider your site a worthier one. There is no supplementary way of gaining traffic without enough resources and that is quality content. You need to be more informative and include valuable information to make your site resourceful. Besides all these here I am going to share how an epic blog-post can increase a great percentage of traffic at a glance.

traffic of blog post

What was the Topic? Suddenly one day my friend who is a professional photographer dragged me to a small campaign and that was the shooting of some marriage photographs. It was actually a stunt to attract more visitors to his site. Then, we have decided to make an epic blog post about the marriage photography. After all it was demo or shooting type photography, and that was the reason my wife did not mind. After all the basics have completed, we make the survey on Google analytics and the result was quite surprising. i. There was a certain and continuous increase of potential visitors. ii. Uncountable shares and following on social media. iii. You can surely earn some back links as this was also experienced at that time. There are still certain measures using those, such results have been found. Frame an Epic Blog Post: - Before implanting our though into reality, there was a high necessity of quality content. In case of such epic blog post the content must be better informative that can easily engage the users. We have also managed some high quality links that support the quality photo shoot for better publicity.
  • Using the E-mail List: - We managed at least 300 email contacts of the people who are close to photo shoot, wedding or vocational image. Moreover, our target was to link those who have a special weakness of photography. Now the only task was to inform them about the photography blog post. We also requested them to share the post on their social circles and also invited them to write something about the same. This proved a better way to achieve some natural links.
  • Promote Through Social Media: - We also promoted the post on our social networks and in this way it got a wide exposure. We also used Buzzsumo to find the groups and people who are using and fond of such keyword like photo shoot, wedding and more like the same. In this way we became able to reach the people those are not within our social circle.
  • Paid Promotion: - We also managed some Facebook ads to promote our post to a wider range of people. In this concern our basic target was the females who are interested in wedding photography. The fact is very clear if such females like the photography there will be more shares and appreciations. We also capture the fans of Frozen. All these efforts cost a little, but we have found a better increase in traffic and business.
Conclusion: - So, these are all about the utilization of an epic blog post for more traffic. Place your response and make this article more resourceful. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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