Killer Marketing Tips for Retailers in 2015

According to a buyer’s psychology, 70% of a sale is made before reaching your shop. It is the attraction of the customer that is revealed with your e-commerce presentation. So, make a worthy approach to assure the deal just with the impression of your e commerce site. Here I have prepared the compact strategies which will surely make your marketing campaign fruitful. 1.      Contextual and Analytical Marketing This type of marketing will help you find the actual need of your targeted customers. First, you have to make a survey what type of presentation is deserved by the customers? Now you have to place that type of content on your e-commerce site.  You may gather this type of information from public post, online profiles and people’s behavior. You may set a form page on your site that the customers can leave their responses what they need. 2.      Rating and Reviews If your product or service has enough review comments and user response then people will trust you more, because they always rely upon the satisfaction of the existing users. So, always ask your existing customers to leave a review and you must use the review sites like Yelp or Google+ page to get visibility in the search results. 3.      More publicity with a Press Release As media is the wider way to release about your business in front of the large masses. Moreover the frequent online news and feeds are the best ways for the retailers to announce about new products and exciting offers to attract more customers. 4.      Enroll your Site in Local Listings Most of the site owners think that the major search engine listing will bring more customers and this is enough for online marketing. The fact is not really that. There are other business directories where you have to enroll your site and business information. In this way you will be attached with other business entrepreneurs and get more visibility. Try to find your own category and enlist your presence in the world of web. At present there is another opportunity as many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and local business directories are launching tools for local shoppers to know your business. 5.      Launch Social Engagement Programs Engagement based loyalty programs has been considered as one of the best methods to increase both quantity and quality of reviews. You must use badging, leadrerboards and improved user profiles to engage more potential customers. In this concern you may use Shopify, an advanced selection of apps will help you to launch a better e-commerce platform. 6.      Social Networking Sites At present people are always engaged with the social sites sharing their desire, feelings and needs. First you may follow these sites like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc to understand the trend of society. Secondly you can use these platforms for online marketing as social networking sites have proved the best medium of advertising through sharing and review. 7.      Use Native Language for Better Interaction According to a state the buyers always prefer to purchase in native language. So, if you are targeting a local place try to use the local tradition or language to attract more customers and if you are trying to capture world market you have to launch all the higher priority languages. In a stat, it has been found that 90% of Japanese customers have liked to transact in their own language where as the number of Italians in the same field is 83%.  Moreover the vast priority of foreign respondents prefers to make online transactions in their native terms. 8.      Affiliate Programs and Gift Coupons Most of the retailers hire third party to make a summary of track sales, orders and payments to the affiliate. In this process the retailers offer one or more affiliates for each sale and after that the customer gets instant result. Affiliate agreement has been proved as a better way to internet marketing. On the other hand you must try to leave a touch of your business after the sale. Manually the shopping agencies distribute packages or coupons to increase visibility of the company. Through the online process you will also have to keep such options to get instant result. 9.      A/B Testing of Check Out Processes Most companies believe that they are spending money on optimization process, but Google, Bing, Twitter, Bing and other search engines are targeting to utilize the e-commerce site’s traffic. In earlier 2014, it has become evident that the number of online customers has reached to a better extent beyond of imagination. Finally, after all these you have to be alert about the information and frequent optimization of your site. Just try to feel the changes and up-gradation of the trend and launch such techniques on your site. Most preferably you must clearly mention your contact and location as many of the online sites do not carry the same well. All these tips are for better optimization. Make a better analysis of your site and leave your responses about the experience. All the best.

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